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Types of Content Curation: Benefits, Best Practices, and Tools

Content curation is quickly becoming an essential tool for digital marketers, as it allows them to deliver a better customer experience and help build trust and loyalty while staying within budget and resource constraints. With this article, we will explore the different types of content curation, from aggregating and synthesizing to distilling and remaking, along …

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Exploring the Essential Human Needs for Fulfillment and Success

Humans need fulfillment and success in life to truly be content. Understanding our human needs is a key factor in achieving this. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs provides insight into how physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization play an important role in our overall sensations of satisfaction and accomplishment. Further research on human …

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What is Social Influence? Exploring the Theories, Types, and Dynamics of Opinion Formation

Social influence is an integral part of our lives and affects the way we think, feel, and act in various situations. From the obvious to the less apparent, it shapes our opinions, attitudes, and decisions. This article explores the theories, types, and dynamics of opinion formation that drive social influence. It discusses conformity, obedience, and …

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Uncovering the Power of the Decoy Effect: How It Influences Your Choices Without You Knowing

The decoy effect is a phenomenon that has been studied and researched extensively, with research showing its pervasive influence over choice-making. It involves manipulating our reference points, loss aversion, and preference uncertainty to manipulate consumer behavior without them being aware of it. The outcome of the effect can be seen across a range of industries, …

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9 of the Most Influential Social Psychology Experiments in History

For those interested in understanding how social interactions can shape behavior and mental processes, this article dives deep into some of the most influential social psychology experiments in history. Covering everything from the perpetrator-victim dynamic prevalent in Stanley Milgram’s infamous obedience experiment to the false consensus effect just a few years later, these social psychology …

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How To Record Online Course Videos at Home

Suppose you’re ready to launch your first online course. In that case, you’re probably wondering how to go around recording the lessons on video. If so, then keep reading! Video is the most popular form of online course content. That’s not surprising if you consider video content to be multi-sensory, which makes the learning process …

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Social Psychology in Marketing

Social psychology affects many domains of our everyday life. Understanding how and why our prospects behave the way they do is a significant component of every marketer’s job. We conduct keyword research, create buyer personas, and monitor where people click on our site pages to understand better how and why people buy from us. But …

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What is Reciprocity?

Reciprocity definition How to explain reciprocity? Reciprocity is a social norm that encourages individuals to repay good deeds with good deeds. Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging items with others to obtain a mutual exchange – if someone does something for you, you feel compelled to repay the favor. Reciprocity is a form of social …

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What is Priming Effect?

The priming effect definition Priming in psychology is a prevalent and effective technique. The APA Dictionary of Psychology defines priming as a phenomenon in cognitive psychology. It’s an effect in which recent experience of a stimulus facilitates or inhibits later processing of the same or a similar stimulus. It’s a type of cognitive bias that …

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What is Mere Exposure Effect?

Mere exposure is one of the most simple and practical principles in psychology. It is a phenomenon often described in pop psychology. Mere exposure effect definition As stated in the APA Dictionary of Psychology, the mere exposure effect is the “finding that individuals show an increased preference (or liking) for a stimulus as a consequence …

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What is Social Psychology?

Social Psychology Definition Social psychology explains human behavior concerning other people, how people act in groups and societies, what drives them, and the results of this behavior. It studies social influence and group dynamics. As stated by Aristotle, people are social animals. Our brains are bigger than most mammals’, and so are our social groups. …

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What is Attribute Substitution?

Attribute substitution is also known as substitution bias. This is another cognitive bias that is supposed to make a decision-making process more manageable. Attribute substitution is a psychological process in which one or more attributes influence a person’s judgment of a person or event. It occurs when a person has to judge a target attribute …

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Subconscious Marketing Techniques to Increase Conversions

How does the subconscious mind impact our decisions? Researchers found that decisions are taken in the subconscious mind long before reaching the conscious mind where you are aware of them. This is the explanation of why people say something and then do something different than the information presented. At this time, one may believe they …

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How to Persuade Ethically?

Ethics of Persuasion Persuasion is widely accepted as unethical if used for personal gain at the expense of others or personal gain without the audience’s knowledge. Most persuasion measures have been declared to be dishonest. For instance, coercive smuggling or brainwashing do not pose ethical issues. Barring most compelling persuasive methods are identifiable as unethical, …

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What is the Availability Effect? & Its Impact on Marketing

What is the availability effect? The availability effect, also known as the availability heuristic, describes the mind’s tendency to use information that comes quickly and easily. It’s one of the cognitive biases related by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, and it got them a Nobel prize.  We wrote about discoveries of Kahneman and Tversky in …

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