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What Is Content Curation? Best Tools For Content Curation

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Content curation is sorting through content on the internet and choosing the best resources to share with your audience.

For successful content curation, you need to have a sharp eye for quality content and a knack for finding the best resources on a given topic.

Additionally, you need to be able to curate your content in an organized and easy way for your audience to consume. Content curation can be an incredibly effective way to create successful content if only done right.

By taking the time to curate quality content from various sources, you can ensure that your audience always has access to the best resources on any given topic.

Benefits of content curation

By carefully curating content, you can ensure that your audience has access to relevant and helpful information.

Additionally, curated content can help build relationships with other industry leaders and experts.

When you share content from other sources, you demonstrate that you are engaged with the latest thinking in your field.

As a result, content curation can be a precious tool for building your brand and growing your business.

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Successful content curation tips

You’re already curating content if you occasionally share relevant content with your customers.

To build this into a scalable content marketing strategy, here are tips that will help you start curating content without being overwhelmed.

Curated content needs to be personal.

The personal touch and context that Dave Pell, the site’s chief curator, provides to each story distinguish NextDraft from other news roundups.

People don’t want a list of links that they can browse through. Instead, they want to know what this content is about and how it will benefit them.

Personalized context establishes a relationship between the curator and the reader that link aggregators don’t achieve.

You don’t have to add your opinions for every item you post. However, try to add something beneficial to the majority of the things you share.

Share a few sentences or paragraphs describing the share and why you believe your audience will benefit from it.

Alternatively, take a portion of the article and design an image with your social media post.

This helps you catch your audience’s attention by creating an eye-catching visual while also subtly linking your brand with the expert you’re quoting in the minds of your readers.

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Credit your sources

Always give credit where it’s due. Always cite the source and never impersonate curated material as your work.

It is unethical, but plagiarism isn’t a good impression for your business.

You can use the @ symbol on sites that allow it, such as Twitter or Instagram, to tag creators.

If you’re sharing a compilation from many different sources, say that with a small preview, then link to the full article, video, etc. Be sure to credit all references in the entire piece.

Content curation should drive value.

Customers in all sectors want to stay up to date and save time, regardless of industry.

They, too, have demands and can’t possibly keep up with all of the most recent news in their field – just like you – but they want to.

This problem may be alleviated through content curation, which offers a significant business opportunity for corporations to develop a connection with their customers.

You’ve made a significant stride toward establishing trust and loyalty if you can provide a specialized experience that saves your consumers time by providing them with the information they need.

Content curation should offset promotional content.

Customers can become weary of businesses constantly touting their products, so companies must consider more than just goods and features.

Customers’ interactions with businesses today go beyond the product itself. After all, that’s at the heart of inbound marketing.

A product may initially entice you to a particular company, but it’s probably something else – like unique content or exceptional service – that keeps you loyal.

Schedule curated content in advance

One of the reasons for content curation is saving time. Scheduling your content is the most incredible time-saver. 

However, scheduling your material allows you to identify any holes and fill them when you forget to schedule a crucial campaign post that has to go out on a particular day, for example.

The most excellent way to fill any future content gaps is to share curated material.

Hootsuite can help you plan and schedule your material in advance, evaluate your performance to inform future strategies and demonstrate the return on investment of your social media campaigns.

It can also advise you on the best time to publish on each channel based on your specific metrics.

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Don’t spend all day curating content.

The intricate work begins after you’ve decided to curate content. While bookmarking and reading lists may get you started, they aren’t sustainable solutions.

However, there are curation tools that have been created to assist you in gathering, screening, and organizing content. Here’s a list of them organized by skill level.

10 Content curation tools

Now that you know the basics of content curation, you might need some help with presenting digital content in your post.

There are many valuable tools on the market. But before you choose the best content curation tools for your business, it’s essential to know what content curation will mean for your marketing plan.

If you’re a one-man-army content marketer, most of the tools presented below should suit your needs. However, content curation may play a more prominent role when your business grows.

At some point, more advanced tools will be more suitable for your content curation needs. However, it’s still essential for content curation to become a part of your content marketing strategy.

Great content curators should build trust with their audiences and become an indispensable resource. The best content curators distribute content their audiences care most about.

Below, we present you most helpful tools to support your marketing efforts:

Flipboard: It’s a tool that allows you to create albums with links to your favorite news stories, blog posts, and websites. You can share the so-called magazines in your social media posts.

Pocket: Pocket is a great place to accrue content to save and read later. It stores all images, articles, and videos in one place for future reference. You can also tag the articles, and the site’s built-in search feature makes finding those articles easy.

Elink.io: It’s a software that collects content from websites and enables sharing them in a presentable way. It turns the links into beautiful, shareable content as the context is key to successful content curation. 

Twitter Lists: It can be hard to keep up with if you don’t organize the accounts you follow on Twitter. Twitter Lists keep curated groups of Twitter users. You can easily categorize them and follow them separately from the rest of your feed.

Scoop. It: It’s an excellent tool for content curation and social media, and it has a Pinterest-like user interface. You can start with a specific subject and Scoop. Then, it will generate the most relevant articles to view and share and suggest other relevant topics.

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Feedly: In this tool, you can add a few of your favorite sources to Feedly, and it aggregates and browses these feeds in one place from your desktop and mobile devices. It also enables filtering the content that surrounds specific subject matter.

Sniply: This tool lets you place a call-to-action (CTA) on the page you’re linking to. You can redirect users to your website and increase conversions.

Quuu: Quuu integrates with the biggest social media scheduling tools and allows you to explore and share content.

UpContent: It’s a tool that offers content recommendations backed by AI algorithms and approval workflows to ensure articles meet brands’ guidelines. It is integrated with top web hosting, social media scheduling, and email marketing software.

Curata: It’s software that recommends and helps you discover relevant content to share with your audience without manual labor. It includes publishing and promotion tools to repurpose and curate content across your blog, social media accounts, newsletter, and automated marketing platforms.

How do you curate content?

There are certain principles that a content curation must follow to be successful, even if it appears to be an information free-for-all.

Giving credit or linking to the source, employing automated curation, or aggregating content may result in sub-par curation if done incorrectly.

There’s a risk in relying only on content curation rather than combining it with the development of new material.

When it comes to SEO, combining original and curated content is the way.

Schedule your content in an editorial calendar by mixing in different types of content — including curated posts.

Don’t worry about it overshadowing your original content. You should be sharing more posts than you create. A good ratio is 40% original and 60% curated content.

But, spend the bulk of your time making sure that 40% is high-quality, actionable, and fully original. Your original content will attract your audience the most, while your curated content is what keeps them engaged.

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Content curation is the process of finding, organizing, and sharing content from other sources on the web. It can be a great way to find content for your blog or social media accounts and help you build relationships with other content creators.

When done correctly, content curation can also boost your SEO efforts. To be successful at content curation, follow some best practices, such as giving credit to the source, combining it with original content, and scheduling your content in an editorial calendar.

Content curation can be a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy with the right approach.


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