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What Is Copywriting and What Does a Copywriter Do?

You may not be aware but copywriting is everywhere. It’s not just flyers or ads in a local paper.

Nowadays, copywriting goes far beyond the printed word. It’s everything you see on the internet that tries to sell you a product.

If you want to find out more about copywriting, who is a copywriter, and what a copywriter does, keep on reading!

Copywriting definition

The simplest possible definition of copywriting is writing for marketing and advertisement purposes.

A “copy” is a piece of promotional material. Such materials include written promotions printed or online or scripts used for videos or commercials.

Most of the things you read online are examples of copywriting, including most web pages, newsletters, and the emails you receive after signing up.

Examples of copywriting

To give you more perspective on how copywriting dominates almost every aspect of our lives, we’ll give you some examples:

  • flyers and brochures
  • promotions and coupons
  • subscription letters and emails
  • prompts on webpages
  • product descriptions
  • blog post reviews
  • product reviews on YouTube
  • “how-to” videos on using a product

Of course, there are many more examples of copywriting, but we wanted to give you the gist. Copywriting is a vast and diverse field.

Types of copywriting

There are several types of copywriting. Here are the most prominent:

Marketing copywriting

This is the most flexible type of copywriting, and it comes in many forms. Overall, marketing copies are sales-driven and have an obvious goal of selling. 

If it’s a part of a marketing strategy, it’s considered marketing copywriting.

Marketing copywriting consists of both traditional advertisement and online copywriting.

Marketing copywriting can include:

  • Online display ads.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Radio commercials.
  • TV commercials.
  • Flyers.
  • Billboards.
  • Direct mail.

Brand copywriting

Brand recognition is extremely important in the satiated market. Brand copywriting (or creative copywriting) is about creating messages that make a company recognizable.

Brand copywriting comes in the form of a logo, a slogan, commercial jingles, or a brand story on the “About” page.

Social media copywriting

Social media posts are a great way to communicate with potential customers. However, it takes proper research, voice, and tone of social media copywriting to speak to prospects effectively.

Social media copywriting is a little different than other types of copywriting. Social media posts are informal and short, and they often include emojis.

Social media copies often have an illustration or photo.

Direct response copywriting

Direct response copywriting should result in immediate action. Therefore, direct response copy should be compelling enough for the reader to take action.

Direct response copywriting is used in landing pages after clicking on an ad, emails, pop-ups, or limited-time offers.

Direct response copywriting also uses prompts and calls-to-action with persuasive language such as “buy now,” “subscribe,” “join now.”

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is writing copy that search engines can easily discover and list as a top result. This makes the copy easier to find by potential customers when they’re looking for a relevant keyword.

SEO copywriting can come in blog posts, articles, web copy (home page, landing page, about page), or product descriptions.

Read our article if you want to know How to Be An SEO Writer.

Email copywriting

Email copywriting is the most effective way to directly connect with your target. People on your email list are some of your most valued prospects.

If people subscribe to you, they want to stay informed on your business’ new products and services.

What constitutes email copywriting is a great subject line, preview sentence, an intro sentence for the body of your email, and a compelling CTA.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

The copywriter’s job is to produce a copy. Much of the job consists of writing, but that’s only the peak of the iceberg.

Good copywriting includes tons of research. First, a successful copywriter needs to study a specific audience to understand their needs and desires. Also, the copywriter has to learn about the competition.

Then, the copywriter strategizes and plans every copy section, consults with the client, and receives feedback.

After writing copy, there comes an editing phase. There is no room for errors, so proofreading and double-checking are key.

Most of all, a copywriter writes, edits and ghostwrites.

What skills do you need to become a copywriter?

If you think copywriting may be something for you, we present you with a set of skills that a copywriter needs.

However, copywriting isn’t just about talent. It’s also about practice. You can learn more of these skills:

  • writing clearly
  • communication skills
  • receiving feedback
  • flexibility and fast learning

Copywriters are people who have learned and perfected their craft. But, unfortunately, none of us were born knowing how to write excellent copy. Still, it’s a skill that nearly anyone can learn with a bit of persistence.

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How do I become a copywriter?

The journey of becoming a copywriter is different for everyone. However, several tips may help the process.

  • Learn the basics of persuasive writing
  • Learn copywriting skills
  • Read about content writing
  • Chose a niche
  • Develop and refine your craft

Aspiring copywriters can also take advantage of webinars and online copywriting courses. Broadening your knowledge is essential in this field. So if you will be ever wondering to start copywriting course, make sure to choose the best course name and write down a good course description

Asking your department leader to take on some writing tasks is a fantastic place to start. Any method you can get direct feedback helps develop your writing portfolio.

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Copywriting is everywhere, and the industry will probably grow. Less popular digital marketing is thriving when more traditional marketing channels are getting.

Copywriting can be done by email or social media. You can write articles and optimize them with SEO. There are many niches. You just need to choose your own.

We hope this article was helpful, and make sure to check our other copywriting articles!

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