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What Are The Growth Hacking Techniques?

Growth Hacking is a term that is often mentioned in the world of digital marketing, and it’s also one of those buzzwords that people don’t know what it means. For many marketers, growth hacking is just another marketing fad. Still, it can be more than that because it represents a new way to look at marketing and product development.

In this article, I will try to demystify some aspects and give you an idea of ​​applying Growth Hacking in your business with a few practical examples. Although there are different types of growth hacker techniques, for simplicity, we will focus on four main pillars (with one bonus tip): Productivity hacks, Content Marketing Strategy, SEO tips, and recruiting strategies.

Productivity Hacks For Marketing

The idea is to automate and optimize resources that can be used to maximize the performance of your marketing efforts so you do not have to spend more time dealing with repetitive tasks. Some examples are: creating standard email templates for newsletters and client proposals, social media automation tools (if you don’t have time to write content every day), scheduling posts on Facebook or Twitter (and Buffer is an excellent tool for this), optimizing Adwords accounts using scripts, etc.

The development of viral content ​​to attract traffic and new users.

In a nutshell, we define “viral” as something that spreads quickly across the like an epidemic. Of course, this is the ideal scenario, and not everything that you publish will become viral. However, if you want to have better results in your marketing, it’s better to aim for “viral” content so that you can achieve exponential growth rather than linear (the traditional way ).

Some ideas are memes, funny videos (not always about cats), interactive graphics like infographics, or a new tag on Quora. There are many different angles from which we can approach this type of content, but it is also essential to keep one thing in mind. If your idea does not become viral right away, do not take it too much to heart because things happen over time. You must be patient and continue creating quality content that helps people solve their problems and provides valuable solutions.

SEO Tips for Marketing Growth

SEO has been the first choice of intelligent marketers since the beginning of the Internet. It builds traffic that can be monetized with PPC or CPM ads (or other types of monetization models). The basic idea is to get your page at a high position in search engines so that more people can find you and you have more conversions. These are some general guidelines:

  • Create quality content on your blog or website.
  • Use keywords in the title and meta description.
  • Publish posts regularly.
  • Comment on blogs related to yours (and follow each one’s comments ).
  • Write articles for other websites like EzineArticles.

Of course, there are many more details, but these are some of the basics.

Recruiting strategies for growth hacking marketing.

There may be a time in your life when you get to a point where you need more workforce, and therefore you will have to find new people to join your team (and this is not easy). The good news is that many people are looking for work at any given moment, so the only problem is how to reach them.

Here are some examples: post on social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook groups, promote open positions using job boards like Monster or Craigslist, use traditional media like newspapers and magazines, etc. Try different channels until you find which works best for you. Of course, each opportunity fulfills specific criteria such as geographical area, available budget, etc.

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Bonus tip for growth hacks in marketing: the creative brainstorming tools.

Some examples of this type of tool are: AstroPad or Haiku Deck, both have a free version that you can use if you do not have an account, and there is also Popplet which is great for brainstorming and coming up with many different ideas in a short period. It’s easier than starting from scratch, so it saves us time (if we want). These tools are handy when we sit down every day to write articles because they help us be more creative about the content. They may even inspire us management hacks for our projects.

What is some growth hacking technique?

The first technique consists of creating a website (or app) based on valuable and relevant content for people in this sector to come to find it in search engines and increase traffic to your site. Of course, that requires patience, but it should not be too difficult if you work on your business plan, target audiences, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

The second technique consists of creating a professional website and initially has very little content because we want to get ranked for specific keywords, so when people find our page, they know it’s us. Once this occurs, we can increase our content progressively, so your target audience are more likely to stay at the end of the process.

This third technique establishes relationships with other entities within the same industry, so new opportunities arise as referrals or shared strategies for tremendous success. It may be an excellent idea to goals, share knowledge, experiences, and opportunities within the same sector.

The fourth technique is to create a website that brings traffic from other websites with similar content or interests to ours so we can increase our visibility and number of visitors. That only works if we know what people are looking for, where they look for it, and how much they’re willing to pay.

The fifth technique consists of making friends with journalists, bloggers, and even companies in your sector so you can get linked from time to time or even mentioned on social networks and news. With this technique, you may also have the opportunity to test new products before everyone else, be one step ahead of your competitors, etc.

What does “growth hacking” mean?

In simple terms, we can define growth as increasing the number of users, clients, or customers that use our services/products every day or every month. The term “growth hacking” is a new trend on the market (and the business world in general) because it refers to strategies and techniques that help us achieve this type of growth … This may include methods such as email marketing and content marketing or even SEO. Still, we can also think about more advanced techniques like social media, PR, etc.

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What are some growth hacking examples?

There are many good examples, but we can talk about Airbnb, founded by two people who had no idea what they were doing at first. However, they used different strategies to achieve their objectives until they managed to get very popular among users.

Some other techniques that have been used successfully are referral programs for web applications, contests that bring out the best in users to win prizes, etc. One of the most exciting methods is “crawl, walk, run,” which starts with small objectives and gradually increases as you learn more.

It all depends on what we want to achieve, so let’s look at some numbers from business: if your goal is to have 5 thousand followers, for example, then it takes an average of about three months (yes, I know it can be tricky) and most companies are willing to pay $ 3000 per month for this type of growth through social networks.

Now, if we talk about email marketing conversions that require less investment, such as buying a list or using only a tool like Mailchimp will give us an estimate of 4 thousand subscribers in about two months with an investment of $ 1650.

If you want to monetize your website, then the average cost per click (CPC) is $ 0.53, which implies a total of 14 thousand visitors before we sell our first product or service. These are some numbers for small companies. They increase as our objective becomes more ambitious, but it will always depend on what we want and what we’re willing to pay.

The only thing I can advise is that if you have not tried yet, do not be afraid and try it! Sometimes there are no limits except those that exist in our minds, so let’s stop worrying and start working. Believe me, when you achieve your goals, everything makes sense at that moment.

“It’s not what you do that matters, and it’s the way how you do it.”


I hope you liked this article on growth hacking techniques, and if you have any questions, leave a comment or contact me directly. Also, please do not forget to share it with your friends because sharing is caring. Thank you!

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