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What Are Email Marketing Goals?

Checking your mail takes up a massive part of your day. Your clients do too! It is worth using this space and promoting yourself well just by mailing!

Email marketing has some remarkable advantages; in combination with other tools of promoting yourself on the internet, it opens the way to real success. So it is worth a good look.

Email marketing is one of the forms of direct marketing that uses email for communication. The main goals of email marketing are to create and maintain customer relationships and sales. The undeniable advantage of this form of communication is the possibility of high personalization of the message.

For example, you can divide your customers into several groups and thus send a message with precisely selected content. More and more email marketing tools also allow personalization to add the recipient’s name at the beginning of the message.

This way, customers will feel as if the email was prepared specifically for them and will be more likely to read the content.

What are email marketing goals?

The primary purpose of mailing is to improve communication between the company and the customer. Automatic responders or the so-called transactional emails (confirmation of making/receiving a payment) inform the customer, but not only!

Through email marketing, you can also, e.g., create your brand’s image, sending out to customers properly prepared content in the form of newsletters or advertisements. In addition, emails naturally increase the contact of the recipient with the company; also, email marketing can provide for your company new customers.

Here are some examples of how you can use it to achieve your goals

Saving Time

The unit cost of an email message, compared with the cost of communication through one of the traditional channels, is very low. Additionally, email marketing tools, have among other things, a built-in database of templates, thanks to which the assistance of a graphic designer or programmer is unnecessary to carry out a good mailing campaign.


Despite the ubiquitous advertising in email inboxes, email marketing campaigns may not always be synonymous with unwanted messages. Email is a boon for any business’s direct marketing objectives because of its uniformity relative to traditional marketing means and its ability to achieve goals beyond advertising.

The only concern is that marketers should regard customers’ time constraints. Email marketing is one of the few forms of marketing that allows you to take up almost any subject capitalization.

From the previous promotional messages, through newsletters and subscriptions, to transactional messages related to order logistics, securing various processes, and organizational information – describing.

For example, to the schedule or plan of a conference, an industry event, or even changes in store opening hours or menu in a catering establishment. In terms of possible topics, email marketing is flexible.

Possibility of Automation

Mailing list tools, such as segmentation and automating processes related to recipients, have made it easier for independent marketers.


You can count the number of messages sent and opened. And you can find the numbers for email marketing. These, combined with data about how people click on emails, make it easy to calculate ROI.

Personalization Possibilities

It is worth gaining information about the users that can be useful for personalizing messages. With properly collected data and segmentation based on it, you can build campaigns that seem tailored to the recipient and thus are much more effective than mass, impersonal messages.

Relationship Building with Existing Customers

Sending mailings regularly allows you to build a lasting relationship with the recipient. It is worth thinking over the whole mailing strategy and adjusting the frequency to previously prepared personas. Not in every industry; a daily or weekly mailing will pass the test. Therefore we should change the frequency to our clients or partners.

High Efficiency

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for generating traffic to websites. Of course, an appropriately conducted campaign can also generate good sales, but an appropriate, well-thought-out communication strategy must back it up.

How to get a subscriber list in email marketing?

There is no email marketing without active and ongoing email list building. Approximately 25% of your base becomes outdated every year (which is why it’s a good idea to run a campaign at least once a year to identify and remove inactive contacts). Even if you have a large base, there’s no time to rest on your laurels.

Valuable Content

  • Choose an important topic for your audience. Search forums, sites like Quora, and social media groups. Research your competitors and what works best for them.
  • Make sure it’s evergreen, not a news item that won’t be searched for in 3 months.
  • When writing, remember the rules of good content marketing.
  • Take another look at the post: where did you put the sign-up form? Is the form easy to find?
  • Or offer access to the content in exchange for information (email address). This increases sign-ups from 1% of visitors to 5-10%: provided you’ve written excellent text.

Something in exchange

We can assume that no one will give you their address just like that, without an apparent reason. So you have to give them something in return, acting on the principles of the eternal economy of the gift: I give so that you also provide me with something.

Send welcoming emails

After subscribing to your newsletter, send an automated thank you email or even create entire welcome cycles. This will help you avoid the situation where the recipient forgets that they signed up for your newsletter and unsubscribes immediately, thereby losing a valuable subscriber address in the process. In your marketing email goals, you can also send:

  • Thank you emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Birthday emails

If you want to know how to write best unsubscribe emails, check out our other article!

Dedicated landing pages

When creating campaign content to get more email subscribers, create a dedicated landing page. Put 1 CTA on it, so your audience only sees one CTA at a time. It should be as simple as possible.

Remember to include not just the call-to-action but also reasons for giving your address. Show specific numbers and statistics, and set goals.

Gated content: other forms

Gated content, i.e., content that requires a login to access, is the most effective way to acquire new addresses. This can be posted, as in the case described above, but also:

  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Email course
  • Templates

Quizzes: invest in unique content. (case study: examinations in content marketing of Bonobos brand) Invest invaluable material on a topic that is close to your audience.

Run an online contest

Increasing your email list through contests may lead to the accumulation of low-interest prospects. These contacts interested in other aspects of your business will often unsubscribe after the game ends and/or not purchase anything from you.

Therefore, carefully choose both the contest formula and the prize (it must be attractive only to your target audience; if you offer something universally desirable, you’re likely to attract a lot of people who will be barren from your list) and the fun communication channels (ones where your potential customers are).


Email Marketing is a must for any business. Lack of an email list will lead to low-interest prospects who are not interested in your products or services, and they might unsubscribe after the contest ends, so it’s essential to build an active database by running campaigns periodically and using some tips from the article on how to get subscriber list through gated content like the post, etc.

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