Monetizing your blog is a brilliant online business model that can bring you online success and make you earn online. You may call it passive income because there is no need for you to be online all the time.

You only need three things:

A monetizable blog or website

It could be a simple website, but if you want to do online business with an online course or membership site, as I have done in my websites (an online money-making system and a blogging community), you should consider having your domain name at least.

There are free hosting sites out there where you can start small by creating, for example, a WordPress website first like before ultimately upgrading to a website, and if your online business is booming. You want to monetize it online, then you should consider getting your domain name because having one will make online business easier for you in the long run.

Opt-in pages

That allows people to subscribe to be members of your online community or online course. This could be an opt-in page using Leadpages, Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse,

A way of monetizing the blog

Monetize means generating money online from your online business. There are several online money-making online business models that you can choose from:

Sell online courses online.

The most common online course monetization model is to sell online courses, but my favorite online business model would be to create a blogging community where you focus more on branding and traffic building rather than thinking of selling online courses over and over again all the time because if you have an online blog with lots of loyal readers who visit your website constantly (they keep on coming back for more), then monetizing a blog is easy if you know how to do it correctly;

Advertise affiliate products or promote other people’s products in exchange for commissions – one great way of using advertising online is through online banner ads, which are also known as online display advertising.

Offer online services in exchange for online payments.

That is one of the most effective online business models that you can incorporate into your online course monetization plan if you have a valuable online course and want to add more value by offering premium member-only content. Of course, monetizing a blog is not just about making big money online. Still, more importantly, it’s about creating an online business that will make you enough cash on the side or lead you into doing something that you love all the time with no worries. In between!

How do I make a blog?

Making a blog online is easy with most hosting sites out there. However, suppose the online business you want to create is an online course-based online community, for example. In that case, your website will be necessary so people can purchase online courses from you and they can be members of your online community free at least.

Monetizing Blog?

And how do I start monetizing my blog online? Well, in simple terms:

You need to have a monetizable blog first before you can start making money online; You need to understand online marketing and build traffic; finally, You need the right strategies in place once you have mastered the two things mentioned above!

1). Have A Monetizable Blog First Before Trying To Monetize Online

It would be best if you had a monetizable online blog first so you can start making online money online. It doesn’t matter if your online business is an online course based online community or it’s something else; as long as you want to make money online from it and have no other online income yet (meaning, a job), then you should consider starting small in the beginning by creating at least a simple WordPress blog just for practice! I did it myself with my first online business that failed miserably – I started with WordPress and made before upgrading my account later on;

2). Understand Online Marketing And Learn Traffic Building Skills

If you don’t know how to drive traffic to your monetizable blog online, then you’re not going to make any online income online, no matter what online business model you choose! Some monetizable blogs online might be super popular with lots of readers who visit them regularly. Still, most of them probably didn’t do that much hard work to get there, And online businesses don’t last long if they aren’t making money for their owners. So learn traffic building skills and work on your online community by incorporating them into your monetization plan;

3). Work On Your Monetization Plan

Monetizing a blog is one thing, but working on strategies that will help you monetize a blog online is an entirely different online business model that you should learn how to leverage in the online world. Your online income will grow online if you work on it consistently!;

How can I monetize the blog is a question that many online bloggers ask themselves, and they usually end up looking for easy solutions like publishing online courses or starting online forums with paid membership options which don’t bring any online sales, but only temporary online income if any at all, keep in mind, though:

If you own an online course-based offline community and want to know how to make money from your forum effectively, then read the article mentioned above about how to start monetizing a blog by promoting other people’s products first.

Once you have mastered this strategy correctly, then move on to selling your online courses online! If you’re a freelance blogger or online course creator looking for more online income, then monetize your blog online by promoting other peoples’ products as well.

Once you have mastered this strategy properly and are making enough online cash to gain financial freedom from your online business, move on to building a paid membership community online. You can later upsell from free to paid memberships.

4). Build a lead funnel for your product.

One online business model that online course creators and online bloggers can consider is building a lead funnel for their online courses online.

A lead funnel will consistently bring more online sales, which means you’ll have enough money to start making other online investments (including monetizing your blog).

A lead funnel can be anything like an online training video on Youtube, a webinar, an email sequence, or even a free email course! The important thing here is to make sure that the lead funnel is top-notch and it’s something people want to see.

If you don’t know what lead funnels are or if you’re not familiar with them at all, then read my article about how I got 600 leads in 2 weeks by creating videos and being active on Youtube.

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5). Decide How To Monetize Blog and Work On It Consistently Online

Monetizing online courses online is another online business model you can consider if you have mastered blog traffic building skills and gained some experience online.

The money-making process online will unfold slowly but consistently throughout time-based on the lead funnel you created in the first place – so work on your monetization plan online by promoting other peoples’ products to start with!

6). Start A Niche Website And Monetize With Affiliate Products

If you’re still wondering how to monetize a blog, then this online business model might be for you. As an online blogger, you can learn affiliate marketing online and start making money blogging about it. Doing so online will eventually open up online store opportunities online where you can sell products online.

If this interests you, then monetize your blog by promoting other peoples’ products online and later building a niche website online that promotes affiliate products – preferably without any sponsor ads if possible!

7). Start a membership site 

After creating precious content online, monetizing online courses online can quickly become a reality. If you’re new to the world of creating online courses, then check out my article about how I went from zero to hundreds of students in 2 months selling my first online course online. Also, check out this free online course if you are interested in online business models instead.

8). Start A Blog and Monetize It With Sponsored Content

Becoming an online influence online can be a lucrative business model, especially when monetizing blogs online. Building a blog online is easy now, thanks to all the blogging platforms available online. When creating your blog, make sure that it’s beautiful and has valuable content.

If you’re not familiar with monetizing a blog online yet, then read my article about how I went from zero to hundreds of thousands of visitors in less than one year, monetizing a blog online by selling affiliate products and courses online. Another great book about online business models is online courses are online resources you can start using online, especially if you’re thinking about monetizing blogs online.

If you want to know how to repurpose content check out our latest article!

9). Start A Membership Site and Monetize It With Paid Memberships

You won’t get rich overnight with this online course online, but you will be able to gain profit online regularly by selling online courses, especially with video training!

10). Become an online entrepreneur and sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, or other merchandise online

If I hadn’t known how to make money from a blog online (and promote affiliate products), then I wouldn’t have lasted long as an online entrepreneur during my former career.

And now that the Internet has created so many new opportunities for people to make money online, becoming a successful online entrepreneur online is easier than ever. Now that I have online income online and online experience, monetizing my blog online has become a reality.

11). Come Up With Few Online Business Ideas 

These days it’s pretty easy to monetize your online business, especially if you’re not low on budget or time (both are important for your online success). So don’t spend all of your valuable time trying out different ideas – think about the opportunities which are available online and then follow up with them!

12). Use Google AdSense Or Affiliate Programs 

And here’s how to make money from blog content without writing anything! Find online affiliate programs online (such as Amazon online store ) related to the niche you’re interested in online! Then, as an online affiliate marketer, you can monetize your own blog online quickly by selling other peoples’ products online.

13. Get Sponsored Posts

Sponsorship is helpful, especially for brands that have a core appeal and are relevant for your niche. When you are negotiating an agreement, make sure that both parties have clear expectations around each other.

With this method, you may not need to devote entire pages to product evaluations or recommendations.

Instead, you can feature the sponsor’s logo in the header of your site and include a thank-you note in articles and social media content that thanks the brand’s supporters.

This type of sponsorship can be beneficial if it is directly linked to your niche’s relevant niche, for example, product reviews, recommended and reviews. Or any other autoresponder service provider that can send out emails so people who sign up, later on, will receive the updates from you about what’s new with your online business;

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