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How To Get 10k Email Subscribers?

If you want to grow your business, social media is excellent in helping that along. You can either get followers or subscribers for free! The problem with social media is that your business will only benefit from this if the followers or subscribers engage with your content regularly.

This means that they have to see what you are posting and interact with it by liking, sharing, etc. They also need to be finding value in what they post and ultimately take action based on this. You’ll begin to see some real growth if they do, as these highly targeted people start engaging with your brand. Ultimately though, if they don’t, then nothing happens apart from potentially you gaining new likes/followers, which isn’t very valuable at all, is it?

If you want to know how to get subscribers to your email list, then all of the above still applies. You need targeted traffic that is highly engaged and ultimately leads them down a path where they are taking action.

This is one of the reasons that email marketing can be so compelling but also very difficult. The ease that the internet affords us means we tend to forget about email because it is just sitting there in our inbox. Most people even have their emails checked regularly, which means if your email is relevant, valuable, and interesting, it will be read by your intended audience!

The trick here, though, is making sure you have an opt-in form within your content that is presented in a way where it won’t annoy people or put them off. This means making sure you have a relevant email opt-in form within your content that is presented well and making it even more tempting for people to give you their email addresses. Why not offer something value-free?

This is the simple concept behind getting 10k email subscribers. Make sure you are giving away valuable content for free and make it easily accessible!

How To Get 1000 Email Subscribers In 7 Days?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. These are the three main things you’ll need to do in order to get 1000 email subscribers in a week, and I’ll explain each step briefly below.

Find A Niche or Market To Work Within.

If you don’t already have an exact niche that you’re working within, then find one now! Do some research using keywords relevant to your place, check out authority sites for suggestions, ask people who know. Anything really until you’s got a good idea of what’s out there that needs covering. There’s no point trying to write something unique if there’s no one around looking for it yet.

Create Content For The Market Offering Value!

This is the tricky part, but also, once you begin to see results, it becomes straightforward. What do I mean? Well, let’s say that your niche is ‘cooking,’ and you’ve decided on a few topics to create content for:

A) How To Make Great Pizza B) 10 Delicious Pizza Recipes C) Homemade Almond Ice-Cream D) Healthy Dinner Ideas

These are just off of my head. Believe me, and they don’t have to be excellent at all. Just cover something relevant in each topic and make sure there’s value in them. Something like “Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Cooking”, or even better, “The Top 10 Recipes That Are Guaranteed To Get You Laid”. Just make them interesting enough and short enough to be easily consumable!

If you want to know how to write your content, check out our other articles!

Get Your Content Into The Market Place

Now you’ve created your content, get it onto as many places as you can. This is when the search engine rankings start to matter, and so do social shares. It’s good practice to include a link back to your site in each of these posts, of course, but I’ll leave that for you to figure out!

How Do I Get People To Subscribe To My Email List?

Before we move on to the main topic of this article, let’s talk about one of the most common questions out there. How do I make subscriber growth?

We’ll cover a few different ideas below as there are many different ways to go about it, but some methods will work better than others, so let’s start by listing them in order from “might work” to “definitely works.”

Ask Them

Asking people can be tricky, however. You might want to try sending them an email with something along the lines of “Hey! Would you like me to send you exclusive content every week? Sign up here: [URL]” This might not necessarily work if your niche is new and thus may not appeal to everyone. The best way to do this is to create a new email list on MailChimp and then begin inviting people manually. Building an email list means you’ll be able to keep track of new people much more accessible, plus its good practice for your future marketing efforts.

You can also check our answer on how often to send email marketing.

Embed A Form On Your Site

There are plenty of plugins available that you can add to your site, which will have forms built into them that users can fill out to subscribe. If you’re going with one of these solutions, make sure that it’s free because if not, they aren’t worth the money! You might want to check out getresponse.com for form embedding software though I believe there may be less than a 5% chance of someone subscribing on this page, so make sure it’s not in your most important spot.

Embed A Form Within Content

If you’re looking to do something a little bit more advanced, then check out an idea for using forms within content that I posted about here. However, this does require quite a bit of work and knowledge through. If you’re new to WordPress or the internet in general, don’t use this method just yet!

Pay Someone To Do It For You

The easiest way to get new followers is by simply paying someone else to do it for you. There are tons of people offering services such as these online, some good, some shady. But one thing’s for sure: they’ll deliver results faster than you doing it yourself.

Facebook Ads

If you have money to spend, I highly recommend trying out some of the new Facebook Lead Ads that Facebook is currently testing. These new ads will specifically target new leads for your business which means lower costs per lead, but they’ll also work great as new subscribers!

Personalize Your Call To Action

Just make sure that there’s a place visible somewhere on the page where people can subscribe. Don’t be afraid to put in an extra link image or two, or even a text link either; just make it as easy as possible for them to see, and if you want to try using one of those “use this form instead” images (which works great by the way) then just make sure that you’ve included a “subscribe” button somewhere on your page too.

Add A Discount To The Form Just For Consenting To Sign Up

I don’t think this works as well as it used to but if you want to add a nice little 10% promo code just for subscribers, then go ahead. This is quite simply the best way to get new email subscribers, ask them first, and offer them something in return afterward. There are other ways of getting new followers through Facebook ads which we’ll talk about more in detail below!

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Before we end this article, let me quickly give some additional strategies for new email subscribers. By subscribers, I mean people who have just signed up to your new email list. These are the people who are fresh to you and unique to what you do!

Send Them An Amazing Welcome Email (And Maybe A Free Gift)

Something like this is an excellent way of showing subscribers that you value them more than the others who just picked up your RSS feed or bookmarked a page on your site without signing up.

So by sending off an excellent welcome email with helpful content (and perhaps some exclusive freebies worth checking out), you’ll be helping yourself out in terms of building up new relationships with prospects which hopefully turn into new customers, too! Remember: It’s all about fresh new new new new new new new new…

Build Your List With A Lead Magnet Of Some Sort?

This is another thing that I highly recommend doing if you’re starting an online business. The more people who sign up to your email list, the better, and by providing some sort of freebie or lead magnet in return for signing up, you’ll increase your chances of getting a new subscriber much higher than without it. So give this strategy a shot too!

Another way you can try is to run ads on Facebook or start your course, which could be pretty effective if you have some spare cash lying around and aren’t looking to spend a whole lot. Or perhaps you’re new to Facebook advertising like me, so making some other sort of offer on your site (such as an ebook or something) would also work very well with new email subscribers. Of course, gifts and bonuses work well in gaining subscribers, too (as we’re going to discuss below!).


If you want to get more email subscribers, one of the best ways is by providing a lead magnet in return for signing up. You can also try Facebook Ads or running an email course which could be effective if you have some spare cash lying around and aren’t looking to spend too much. The most important thing is that these new emails are valuable, making sure they’re getting something worthwhile!

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