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What Is SEO Content Marketing?

SEO content marketing is the practice of creating and publishing marketing content that can be naturally included in search engine results. It’s a form of online marketing that organically drives users to your site through relevant, high-quality content about specific keyword phrases. This content attracts customers by focusing on their interests, delivering valuable information, and establishing trust with well-researched facts.

Content marketing works because human beings are natural consumers of information (and social influencers to boot). We love sharing articles, videos, and photos that speak to our passions–it helps us prove we’re living the good life we want others to see. And in this case, it entices people who care about a particular topic or product to search for the expert who can help them find that info.

Since there’s a lot of information out there, the need for quality content and experts has never been greater, which is why SEO content marketing is a crucial tool in developing your brand message, establishing yourself as an industry leader, and getting more human eyes on your site to increase conversion rates. (Hint: They’re also great for helping you get featured on other blogs–the holy grail of free traffic.)

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Content Marketing and SEO Content Marketing Are Not The Same Things!

The difference between SEO content marketing and regular old “content marketing” is that the latter focuses on publishing every bit of interesting information you have about lots of different topics–not just keywords or phrases related to your business.

Content marketing is an excellent way to attract and engage customers, but it’s not SEO content marketing. Instead, it’s more like a substitute for traditional “PR” from old media–websites that publish exciting facts about whatever comes to mind (and aren’t particularly interested in sharing any information about themselves).

SEO content marketing focuses on particular keywords or phrases and honing in on your potential customer’s question: “What do I need to know about this product?” Publishing content that directly addresses the needs of every person who might access your site via the search engines means you’re delivering highly relevant answers to their questions with no distractions.

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The Most Important SEO Content Marketing Tip Ever

For your content marketing campaign to succeed, you have to get the right content in front of the right people–and I mean precisely THE RIGHT PEOPLE. That means having a solid idea of WHO your target audience is and WHAT their most important questions are before you start writing or creating a video.

That will guide every decision about what topic or product to focus on, how deep that information should go, and what kind of tone it should take (enthusiastic? authoritative? simplified?). It’s also essential to get your mind in the proper place before you publish any material. Then, if all goes well, you’ll be able to feel at least one person out there saying, “Yes! Finally, somebody who can help me with this!”

The Tools Of The Trade: 5 Tips For Optimizing Your SEO Content

While you don’t need any expensive tools to create or publish content on the web, a few things can help. (Fortunately, they’re all free.) Use them to make your life easier and optimize your online presence: age Social Media Sites And Networks Seeing as almost every primary website today has a Facebook Page

Have A Solid Blogging Platform

Whether it’s WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous, or something else entirely, picking a publishing platform will determine how easy it is to structure your content for search engine optimization. Some platforms allow you to include helpful metadata automatically, while others require additional effort from you.

Used RSS For Syndication

To feed fresh content into the search engines without editing each site individually, you should plan on setting up an RSS feed through Google FeedBurner. This tool lets you create a single source that feeds both your social media and blog. Using this tool, you can also add the most essential information to your “about” page and contact page.

Pin To Popular Pinterest Boards

Once you start writing content that people care about, it’s a great idea to pin those posts to the enormous popular boards–Pinboards. You’ll discover that some of these boards are highly active, with hundreds or thousands of pins each day. It all contributes toward building traffic for your site!

Leverage Related Sub-Reddits

Reddit is a great way to reach the right audience and build your brand. It’s also a great way to get more traffic in general. While it’s hard work, Reddit isn’t as difficult as it may seem once you learn how things work. I recommend looking into sub-Reddits related to your industry or niche (e.g., for marketers: /r/contentmarketing) and participating in the conversation there. In addition, they often look for additional contributors, so be sure to ask if they’d like any help!

Leverage Content Aggregators

There are several content aggregator platforms out there today that can share content with specific groups of people who would not usually see it. In some cases, this can create a massive boost in traffic and increase exposure to your brand. (You’ll learn how to set up and use these tools in the Quick Start Guide.)

What is SEO content strategy?

A good content strategy is always about knowing your audience first of all – what type of people you are writing for, and how can you make them share your content? The second part is more specific but also significantly important – it has a clear vision of where you want to take this particular piece of content. In other words, the target keyword. You could think, “I don’t have any keywords, I will improve my ranking with great quality content only,” but in case if lots of articles are published on the same topic without defining a goal clearly, there will be no success – it’s not just about SEO anymore. For example, let’s say that someone wants to create an article on fitness with their personal experience and tips to achieve specific goals – this could be great content for teenagers, but not for grown-ups who want to get back in shape and start exercising.

What is the difference between SEO and content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a strategy that does not focus on search engines but aims at increasing branded awareness and other goals.
SEO helps you to optimize your content to get high rankings in the search engines. In addition, it brings new traffic (organic/free) to your website or blog that would not find you otherwise.
The primary purpose of content marketing is lead generation, whereas the main objective for SEO is organic traffic.

Is it possible to do SEO without any content?

Yes, because some techniques require nothing more than technical knowledge about how search engines work, like meta tags optimization or link building. However, to create valuable and relevant content producing original works, go through this checklist: What type of article do I try to make?

That is the most crucial part of content creation. According to your purpose, you can make something useful for your target audience, and then they will appreciate it and link to it. Please include at least one high-quality picture or video because they bring a lot more traffic than text-only pages. Find out what users are looking for on the web – search queries related to your niche topic. Create articles based on the information gap – write about things that people want but don’t know how to find yet. In any case, do not rely too much on creating content for SEO – there must be something worthwhile in it. Otherwise, no one would like or share it!

How often should I create content?

That depends on your niche, but in any case – do not overdo it! If you create quality content that people like and share – this will bring you much more traffic than posting too many low-quality articles or reposts. Remember to share the information with your social media followers by using various types of posts (original ones, images, and videos).

What should my article be about?

Every topic needs to have a clear idea behind it. First, you must know why people would want to read what you are going to write. How is it relevant for them? What questions will they ask when reading your text? Only then can every sentence start making sense; otherwise, there is no point in writing. And lastly, I would also suggest finding out about the competition – similar articles that already exist on your topic or niche and what they provide to their readers. It’s always great to write something at least a little bit unique!

How long should my content be?

There is no magic number for this. What matters is the quality of the content. For example, you can read an interesting blog post that tells you something valuable in just two paragraphs or a more detailed article addressing quite complex subjects with ten pages of text containing bulleted lists and graphs. In both cases, it’s valuable information but requires different time investments from you, depending on what exactly your audience needs right now. Additionally, research shows that longer articles get more shares.


No matter what, you’ll always have to invest some time into developing your blog and quality content. It is a continuous process of creating, testing, and then analyzing the results. So to see your hard work bring good results – make sure that you check all these guidelines! And remember: quality matters more than quantity.

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