What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is a theory and practice of marketing. The goal of attraction marketing is to attract customers by appealing to their interests and values rather than through traditional advertising.

Traditional advertising appeals to potential customers’ emotions, senses, or intellect by creating a need or symptom that will be relieved by the product being marketed.

Attraction marketing chooses to go against this practice by focusing on making customers aware of their values with the company.

What is the meaning of attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is a marketing technique that focuses on the target audience and strives to attract its attention.

Think about advertisements, cat videos, or the guy down the street with a sandwich board advertising his lawn services. In these cases, an advertisement’s goal is to capture your attention, so you’ll stop and look at it.

It grabs you by making you feel moved emotionally in some way – either attracted or repelled from looking any further.

Attraction marketing is typically used for direct response marketing campaigns that are designed to generate leads.

Direct response campaigns generally have a prominent, defined end goal – either they will make someone take some sort of an action (i.e., fill out a form, call you, etc.), or they won’t accomplish anything at all.

How will attraction marketing help your business?

Attraction marketing helps your business by attracting new customers to you. Attraction marketing is different from but complements conversion marketing. Conversion marketers use advertising to sell their products or services to convert viewers into customers.

Attraction marketers draw attention by giving valuable content first, not asking for anything in return. If done right, the result will be gaining new customers and more revenue.

Gaining new customers and increase conversions can help you to grow your business faster.

Fundamental Concepts Of Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing techniques are a method that uses the audience’s needs, desires, and preferences of a product or service to generate awareness of a brand.

It is a new strategy that creates a favorable impression on the customer using digital media. This results in increased traffic for your website.

Attraction marketing aims to generate awareness to drive consumers towards products and services rather than focusing on conversions or sales.

The end game is usually not an immediate transaction (e.g., a purchase) but builds the desire for continued engagement with your brand. Thus, you can convert visitors who are already highly engaged into customers.

For example, if you’re trying to promote your product or service on Facebook using an ad, you might use it to get likes for your page. Then you might continue driving engagement through posts that include links or images with CTAs that direct people back to your website.

The goal would be for people who see your content and engage with it to one day become customers.

Attraction marketing is a vital part of the inbound methodology, which focuses on creating content that attracts and retains a clearly-defined audience.

Example of attraction marketing strategy

An example of an attraction marketing strategy would be to give your customers coupons for their birthday.

Here’s how it works: 

Every month you send your customers a birthday card with a coupon on it, for example, “happy birthday – get 25% off”. When the customer receives this card on their birthday, they are reminded of who sent them this card and how much they have spent so far. They are happy to receive something in an age of online transactions and impersonal services.

The customer then goes into your store with their coupon, reminding them that they will be getting 25% off either an item or the total amount spent in the store. This makes it easier for customers to buy things because they are saving money.

Also, this brings back old customers who have stopped coming to your store. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the customer because they are getting extra money off something that they would have bought in the first place.

If you were to send this card monthly, you could bring back old customers to shop in your stores more often and increase revenue by enticing them with coupon reminders every month. This attraction marketing strategy is not difficult to set up, but it can be very effective if you are determined.

To start this process off, all you need is a card designer and enough cards for your customers, or automatic printing of these cards. You don’t have to worry about having too many because they will eventually get lost with time.

Once the cards are printed, they need to be sent out monthly at the beginning of each month. Even though you can send them at any time, sending them on the first day of every month is the most straightforward and most convenient option for your business.

The cost involved with this attraction marketing strategy is minimal because all you need is a card designer and people to go around and deliver the cards to your customers.

What role inbound marketing plays in attraction marketing?

Inbound marketing content is designed with your target consumer in mind from the very beginning, rather than using promotional language or traditional advertising methods to ‘sell’ products to a target demographic.

As a result, the content you create using an ‘attraction-based marketing model is much more likely to have your audience engage with it, share it, and become advocates of your brand.

Attraction marketing incorporates SEO-friendly and SCO-friendly articles, blog posts, videos, interviews, and white papers into your overall inbound marketing strategy.

These are the types of content that help establish your company as a leader in its industry, rather than pitching products or services directly to consumers.

Does social media help with attracting customers?

Many brands are turning to social media to get the word out about their online business to potential customers. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can make it much easier for network marketing companies to reach their target audience.

More specifically, social media allows brands to connect with their customers in a more personal way. For example, you can post behind-the-scenes content or photos of your staff members that give viewers a better sense of who you are as a company.

Influencers play a significant role to implement attraction marketing because they have a large audience, and they can help brands grow their brand awareness, improve customer relationships, and increase sales.

Influencer marketing is a practice used by marketers to pick the right influencers for their campaigns. Campaigns usually include one or more influencers promoting your product on their social media profiles.

Three main ways how an influencer can promote your brand:

Sponsored Post

This type of engagement means that you pay an influencer directly to create and publish content about your product/brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here’s some information about Influencer Marketing Statistics 2018.


This engagement involves offering free products (usually specified by the marketer) to influencers to create relevant videos or written content. These are sometimes called Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


This method involves teaming up with an influencer who has the same target market but offers them something different from your brand, e.g., one product complimentary to yours or organizing events together, etc.

When you are looking to develop an attraction-based marketing strategy, it’s essential that you understand the different types of content available to you.

Types of content for attraction marketing


Infographics are one of the most popular ways for online marketers to create helpful content since they provide educational value and give people instant information visually appealing.

This type of content is also helpful for attracting and generating new leads because infographics tend to rank higher on Google Search rankings pages (SERPS). As a result, your infographic will show up on the first page of Google (or other search engines).


Video content is another popular type of content marketers use to attract their target audience. Videos inform and educate your customers about your business and brand.

They can be helpful in different stages of your sales funnel, for example: generating awareness, establishing yourself as an expert and providing value, building trust and social proof, etc. 

Content marketing

So, how exactly does this help your business? First, content marketing can benefit your sales funnel by bringing traffic to your website, increasing conversions, and improving sales.

The right content allows you to educate potential customers about problems they may experience using a product or service, eventually leading them to purchase it from you.

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Social media

Another helpful tool marketers use to promote their products is social media. Social media can be valuable because it allows you to connect with other people and increases your brand’s reach.

Using the right hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., could give you access to a specific group of people interested in your product or service. Having the ability to reach out to current customers and potential customers is advantageous for any business trying to attract new traffic.

The goal of so-called attraction marketing is not just to bring awareness but also to give people value to want more of what you have.

This attraction marketing method draws attention by giving people something valuable first before asking for anything in return.

You can provide valuable content on your website and social media platforms and create helpful guides and other downloadable resources that will keep visitors interested and engaged for longer.


In short, attraction marketing consists of various types of content that may be helpful when trying to bring potential customers to your business.

In addition, using the right social media platforms with the correct hashtags could provide you with invaluable information about your target market, further aiding your attraction-based marketing strategy. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it on your social media!

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