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What Does Compose Email Mean?

Compose email is an element of webmail. It helps you to create a new email message for the receiver. You can use it on any browser or device with an internet connection.

A different type of data will be accepted, but primarily attachments are accessible through compose email option. They are available in many kinds like pictures, documents, videos, etc. It also provides opportunities to choose from compatible formats for saving attachments into your file manager or computer registry.

If we communicate online, then how it works?

For that reason, you need some concepts by which you can do compose email work easily.

Webmail contains a GUI interface, so that’s why users face problems when they don’t know how webmail works and what its features are. Here we provide all the necessary information which will help you to earn a better idea.

Firstly consider compose email step by step process

  1. Launch the webmail interface on your browser. In some cases, it is redirected as you type in your mail address and press enter or click on the go button.
  2. In the following field, you have to select the “compose” option from available options given on-screen/page. For example, you can find it below the search bar, categories list, or any other alternative to send an email message online.
  3. Then, a new page will be launched with fields provided for the receiver’s information, subject line, and text of the email composed by the user consisting of different formats like tags, etc.; in this way, you can complete sending email process successfully.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a well-known email service provider which includes both free and paid account options. There are many features available in Gmail that make it popular, but there are some common problems related to its use. You can solve these problems with customer support or the Help Guide option also. If you still face any issues so you must contact them for a better solution.

There are two types of accounts, regular mail and promotional ones generated for users through their promotions. Both accounts contain different services provided by the Google team, like the web interface, phone numbers supported for every country, etc. If you find any error or issue, then immediately take help from professionals or Google support. They will show you the right way to deal with complicated problems.

What Do CC and BCC Mean in Gmail

CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) are trendy terms for Gmail users. You may find the same term on other webmail service providers, too, but their work process is different from each other. Therefore, we can say that there is no difference between these two terms as they work alike. Just a slight difference will be there, which gives them a separate identity.

The only distinction among them is that BCC shows your email address to the receiver. In contrast, CC does not provide any information about you to others included in the list of receivers. It reduces the chances of being spam or junk mail because a sender knows a lot about you, so he sends an email with a motive to make a relationship with you or disturb you by sending unwanted emails. Using this feature is beneficial because it makes your email journey more secure and comfortable too.

How do I use it?

As of now, there are only two ways to send an email with composing an email.

Reply to the existing email thread

Open any message you received inside your Gmail inbox and click or tap on the compose button envelope (see image below), located at the top of the screen, besides the search bar. A new message window will open (see image below) asking if you want to reply to that specific email thread or create a new one. If you choose “reply,” the conversation thread will be added to the recipient window, and you can start typing your email.

Create new email

Click or tap on “compose an email,” located at the top of the screen, besides the search bar (see image below). A new window will open (see image below) asking if you want to reply to that specific email thread or create a new one. If you choose “create new,” a recipient box will appear, and you can start typing names or emails of who you want to send messages to. All email messages sent by Gmail’s compose feature are automatically saved into your Sent folder.

Who is the CC recipient?

Usually, the sender’s name is included in the list of CC recipients. Here you should know that who are BCC recipients because if your email contains BCC recipient then other can’t view them and they will show as an anonymous or unknown user. Sometimes, we either forget to add our name, or we don’t want to reveal it. In this condition, we must take help from professionals to provide reliable solutions within a short period.

How can I check who can see my contact details?

People keep their information safe on a webmail service provider like Gmail etc. Therefore, it becomes more secure when you use Gmail features like these, both one who protect your data from untrusted people and helps maintain account security. For doing these works, you need to follow some simple steps like:

  1. First of all, log in to your Gmail account and go to options (gear icon) at the top right side corner of the page. Here you will find the “Accounts” option in the drop-down list, click on it and select the “account permissions” button from the available options given below.
  2. In this step, a check box must be placed against the “Grant Permission” section and then click on the ” save changes” button without making any mistake; otherwise, you will lose all the data saved in your email account. So do everything carefully as instructions provided here by professionals.
  3.  After doing these things, we can keep our details hidden from others not included in the list of our contacts.

Note: If you do not want to reveal your personal information, don’t forget to make an email account with the BCC feature enabled without making any mistakes!

Here you can learn more about topic!

Who is BCC recipient?

Many webmail service providers are available on the internet & Google is one of them which provides lots of features to its users.

Gmail is also used by many people worldwide because it’s an excellent and secure email platform, so we can say that there would be no person who does not use Gmail. Let me tell you a small yet advantageous fact, i.e., “everyone knows about CC and BCC recipients.”

Now I am going to explain what bcc recipient means. It doesn’t mean that sender’s name was not included in the list, but some additional characters were added to the list of receivers who will receive emails as anonymous or unknown users, such as: –

  1. The webmaster ( your website address is www….com)
  2. Owner of the website (your web hosting is www….com)
  3. To get rid of junk or spam mails, you can add your name to the BCC recipient list by carefully using the instructions provided here. Or It may happen that someone else has added his name to the list of receivers, so do not forget to check terms before hitting the send button; otherwise, you will lose all data entered on this email account.


Finally, we hope that you got a better knowledge about all these issues related to webmail usage. If anyone has any doubt, then feel free to ask in the comment section and subscribe to us for more updates since we provide fresh content regularly as per the user’s demand/request after verification.

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