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Podcast Topics Ideas for 2022

podcast topics ideas

If you create content and want to start a podcast or are already a podcaster and struggle to find interesting ideas to share with your audience, look no further!

This article presents a list of podcast topics ideas that can help you get your creative juices flowing.

We will help you choose the best podcast topic for your podcast!

How to Find Podcast topic ideas

If you want to start a podcast, choosing the right field is important. But, first, you need to find a topic that will give you at least a couple of podcast episodes that you can produce from the get-go.

Make sure that topic ideas won’t run out as soon as you start a podcast.

If you already create content and need inspiration, the general principle would be to get inspired. For example, talk to someone, travel, read a book, or dive into a specific part of your topic of interest.

If you can’t develop great podcast ideas, you can ask someone within your niche.

List of the best podcast topic ideas to talk about

Learning a new skill

When choosing what to talk about on a podcast, you can consider learning a new skill you’ve wanted to pick up.

Start a podcast about your journey in learning to play the piano, paint, or any other skill you choose.

Events and groups

Consider making a podcast about specific events such as sporting events or festivals or groups, like marathoners or bikers.

Good podcast topic ideas should align with your interests, allowing your enthusiasm to keep you motivated. In addition, you should choose an event or group that speaks to you.

Book recommendations and reviews

Are you an avid reader? You probably have a lot of recommendations. You can also let people know what you think of your latest picks with full reviews.

You can summarize books for people who don’t have time to read them themselves.

Your podcast could cover a specific genre or ask your audience and give recommendations based on their interests.

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Movie and TV recommendations and reviews

If you love movies and always catch new releases, you could give people a piece of your mind and advice on which movies they should check out.

If you love TV series, you could do TV show recaps and reviews, offering your opinions and speculating what will happen next.

Filming and cinema

Also, if you’re a movie lover, you can start a podcast on all things movies. For example, your podcast could cover the history of cinema or specific film movements.

Sports podcast

If you love sports, make a podcast where you recap games, discuss sports news, and talk about players.

You could create a podcast discussing odd or underrated sports only or go the sports business route.

You could also narrate a big game live or invite guests.


A how-to is another great podcast topic. But, again, tutorials can be as general or focused as you’d like. For example, in your podcast, you could focus on teaching your audience new skills in each episode on a new topic every time or make a themed podcast with how-tos.

Preparation podcast topic

A preparation podcast covers tutorials that are focused on the preparation aspect. You can cover topics like preparing for college applications, preparing for a big race, or a job interview.

POV (Point of View)

You could showcase a popular story from a new perspective to make your podcast more unique.

You can take a TV show, a movie, or a novel and go through the story from different characters’ perspectives.

Comedy podcast

If you know you have a great sense of humor, you should give a comedy podcast a go. You could focus your content on telling funny stories, performing comedy sketches, or taking a humorous twist on current events.

Travel podcast

Travel is one of the best podcast topics. Almost everyone loves to travel, so it has a great chance for success.

You could give great traveling tips and destination recommendations.

You can also choose the storytelling format where you cover your experiences, tell anecdotes, and provide vivid descriptions of the places you’ve been to.

You can also interview the people you meet on your travels. Ask them about the stories about the city they live in and sightseeing recommendations.

Also, you can interview travelers to come and document their travel experiences on your podcast without even leaving your home.


An expatriate (often shortened to expat) resides in a country other than their native country. If you’re an expat, you know how difficult it is for the newcomers. Share your expat story and provide advice.

It is a great way to create a community in your new home country. You could also invite other expats to share their stories and inspire others in your podcast.

Fashion podcast

If you love fashion and you’re known for your taste, share your opinions or advise your podcast.

Topics for podcasts on fashion are extensive. Of course, you can talk about styling tips and where to shop, but also you could talk about top models and designers and comment on red carpet outfits or runway shows.

Beauty podcast

Podcast ideas for the beauty niche are neverending.

You can make a podcast where you can cover beauty brand news, holy grail products, tips on how to do your makeup or hair, or how to manage common skin problems.

Politics podcast

Politics are all around us, and many people want to be in the know. If you’re passionate about politics, you could share your views on current events, invite interesting guests, and discuss the latest news from a political point of view.


You can start a podcast on pets if you’re an animal lover. You could provide pet lovers with valuable pet care tips, facts, and interviews with experts.

You can also tackle the topic of wild animals and give facts about wild animals and where to find them. You can also interview people who have worked with wildlife.


History is a huge potential podcast topic. You’ve got thousands of years of human history to choose from.

If you love history, this is the idea to consider. Choose an era you love and talk about it in your podcast.

Street interviews

If you love talking to anyone about anything, you can create a podcast around interviews with strangers. For example, you could talk to people on the street on various topics and ask their take on current events or interview them in mundane places, like outside the DMV.


The tech industry is the fastest moving, so you’ll never run out of podcast episode ideas.

Keep people up-to-date on new products, security issues, tech how-tos, and the latest updates.

True crime

True crime podcasts are growing in popularity. People love to hear crime stories and search for the truth behind mysterious events.

Find a mystery to tackle and do your research. For example, you could interview people of interest, research facts, and speculate.


You could start a legal podcast if you’re a lawyer or study law. You could tell people about odd or interesting laws and inform people about laws they should know.


Celebrity gossip is something people are always curious about.

You could report the latest celebrity news, speculate on the behind-the-scenes, or conduct celebrity interviews.


Rankings are never going out of style. Give people something to talk about with top ten lists for anything and everything. You can rank musicians, TV series, animes, or anything.


You could start a nature podcast for the people who live in the city or don’t often find themselves near nature. You could describe everything you see out in nature, amplifying the natural outdoor sounds for a serene effect.

Time-crunch podcast

You can create a podcast for people who just don’t have the time or attention span to sit through a long podcast. In such podcasts, you can cover quick facts, short stories, or extremely condensed how-tos.

Talk about yourself

When considering what to talk about on a podcast, you could talk about yourself. If you feel you have something interesting to share or some unique experiences and perspectives, people would be interested to hear it.

Educational podcast

If you are an expert on a specific topic, you could share some of your knowledge in a podcast. Even if you are not an expert but passionate about something, you can do research. Then, you could round up the information into bite-size pieces to teach others.

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Learning a language

You can help others learn your native language or another language you know fluently. With a language learning podcast, you can share vocab and grammar tips and mistakes to avoid. You can also include cultural aspects of the language.

Perspectives by the generation

In such a podcast format, you could present certain views from each generation’s perspective. You can start a podcast comparing and contrasting views from all different generations.


If you’re an actor, many people would be interested in your insights from the industry, the challenges you’ve faced, interesting stories from auditions, etc.

Or, if you are an acting fan, you might interview other actors about their experiences and start a discussion about acting and famous impersonations.

Food podcast

If you are really into your local food scene, you can start a podcast taking listeners to restaurants, cafes, and food trucks around your city.

You could do recommendations and reviews of food places or do interviews and talk about the places to create a full experience.

Fitness podcast

In this podcast format, you can help your audience stay in shape. For example, you can provide advice on running, weight lifting, or cycling. Also, you can interview trainers to get the best industry tips.

You can share your fitness journey or famous interview athletes.

Housekeeping tips

Everybody has to do chores even if we don’t want to. So consider starting a podcast where you talk about housekeeping and hacks to make it easier.


The marketing industry is growing in popularity. So, if you have some expertise in the marketing industry, or find marketing data and trends fascinating, make an informative or educational podcast about it.


If you work in HR, you can start a podcast about it. Cover the skills people need, the recruitment process, and the difficulties they might face. You can also provide some tips on preparing for a job interview.


Do you run your own business? Then you have an excellent podcast topic idea. So many people want to start their own and could use some insight and actionable advice, so start a podcast with all the business know-how.


This would be a great podcast topic to tackle if you’re a health professional. You could make Q&As on medical topics, discuss fascinating medical conditions, or discuss medical policies.


Does your life revolve around music? Make a podcast discussing the industry, your favorite musicians, and albums. You can also give your local bands and artists a spotlight.

Self-help podcast

To assist others on their self-improvement path, start a podcast. Topics such as focus, stress, sadness, and more may be discussed. Offer tools and information to assist people in overcoming their difficulties and uplifting tales.


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is something many people find relaxing to listen to. Whisper to your listeners about various subjects, giving them a soothing or sleep-inducing experience.

Freelance life

With a podcast, you may share your freelance career experiences and advice on obtaining clients, business, and organization ideas with anyone.

Investing and finance

Make a podcast about investing if it’s yours. Make one about strategy, market news, and providing your best “this is not financial advice” speculations.

Choose a penny stock, REIT, technology, or specialty to make your podcast a go-to place for certain themes.


Even in the age of social media, blogging is still useful. However, it might be difficult to discover excellent ones. Create a podcast that summarizes the finest blogs in one or more fields.

Alternatively, create a podcast that helps bloggers get started with tips and other helpful information like how to write a high-quality blog post.

Cooking and baking

There are many possibilities for a cooking or baking podcast; you can offer recipes, focus on the culinary culture behind them, discuss food science, produce calm ASMR baking noises, etc.


If you enjoy weddings or are a wedding expert, lend your expertise to couples about to marry.

You can also share the best funny, dramatic, or sweet stories from your work.

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Start a podcast about philosophy if sitting beneath apple trees or wondering why we’re here sounds more like you. Have passionate debates and interviews with prominent intellectuals, and talk about one or many philosophical schools.

Hiking and camping trips

Make a podcast about hiking and camping, including equipment, tales, and advice. Take your audience with you on a relaxing or thrilling journey.


When it comes to teaching kids how to do things, most parents would prefer that they learn independently. Teach them how with a DIY podcast, which is what everyone wants to know how to do themselves. You might discuss themes such as organizing your home, repairing clothing, or making crafts.

Social media

Social media is everywhere, so consider producing a social media-themed podcast. You may talk about social networking firms, hashtag trends, influencers, marketing, and more in this type of program.

Weather and climate

It’s not unusual to hear people say that talking about the weather has to be dull. So invent a podcast that goes into great detail regarding the weather. Discussing unusual or lovely weather, science, prediction, and how to prepare for specific weather situations should come up.

Adrenaline junkies

Listeners can join you in daring outdoor activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, and more.


Make a podcast about your trip to the seaside, describe your sightings and experiences, or provide instructional how-tos.

On the road

Are you constantly on the go? Then, start a podcast to narrate your travels, whether you’re just driving around for fun, pleasure, or living on the road.

Paranormal phenomena

Raise some eyebrows about the supernatural. Then, invite others to recount their strange encounters, tell ghost stories, and describe their spooky experiences.

Home improvements

Start a podcast about everything home improvement and repair and house design and general DIYs, with some DIY expertise in your tool bag.


Host your game show podcast and get people to play and make a podcast out of it!

Create a game that your podcast will enjoy: Choose from hundreds of game show themes from our collection, and you’re ready to go. Create video games, board games, classics, or new designs of your own.


What are some good topics to discuss on an improv podcast? This one has the benefit of not requiring much preparation ahead of time. Begin with any random subject and see how far you can push your improv skills from there. Then, consider inviting your listeners to participate in the fun.


There are many excellent podcast topics for an art-related show. For example, art theory, history, and contemporary business can all be discussed. Alternatively, focus on underappreciated or minority artists.


Make a podcast discussing current events and feminist issues from a political perspective, including theory, and invite feminists and authors to your program.

Mystery stories

Keep them guessing by creating a podcast with a secret topic and hiding answers within stories that appear to have no connection. Then, wait until the season’s last episode to reveal the topic and award those who got it right.

Human rights

Discussing human rights in a more serious tone could be beneficial. For example, cover areas of the globe that violate people’s rights—in need of assistance—and offer ways to help out.


You may create a podcast about a game you adore, review several games, cover new releases, talk trends, and so much more to appeal to gamers everywhere.

Short stories or poetry

Create a podcast where you immerse your listeners in short stories and poems if you’re a writer or simply enjoy them.

Children’s stories

If you have strong storytelling abilities, create a podcast that reads children’s stories to them while they’re on the bus, in the car, or before bedtime.


Make a podcast about dating, discuss date night ideas and activities, and invite listeners to share their funny, terrible, or romantic dating tales.

Relationship advice

If you’re a cupid or just enjoy playing one, offer relationship advice to listeners and guests, or call in a professional for help.

You might also consider producing a podcast with games for couples.


Turn your passion for wine into a full-time career and start a podcast on it!

Wondering what to talk about on a podcast about wine? You could debate wine types and pairings, score and evaluate wines, or even hold an interview with sommeliers.


If you’re a coffee-lover, share your enthusiasm and educate others about the world of coffee. Explain roasting techniques, bean fermentation, and other coffee-related information in this video.


Give people somewhere to go when they’ve had enough of their own company. Discuss the drink you’re drinking, have a casual or lively conversation with a guest or listener and evaluate it at the end.


Are you interested in learning more about a certain topic? Then, research and conduct interviews for the inside scoop, and make an engaging documentary podcast.

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Focus on industry

Listeners will hear about the sector from behind-the-scenes, weaving tales of publication, farming, etc.

Geeky stuff

Start a podcast to geek out with your listeners about your chosen subject. For example, create a discussion community around Tolkien, Doctor Who, programming, or grammar.


If you’ve retired or are familiar with the subject, share your knowledge of laying the groundwork for a successful retirement.


To help your listeners to relax, provide serene meditations. Your meditation podcast might be as short as 5 minutes or last all night long. Choose a specific issue to focus on, such as stress, sadness, or motivation.


Psychology is a perfect podcast topic. You can create a space to discuss the human mind and behavior or mental health. Also, you can take a closer look at psychological phenomena or analyze fictional characters.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Take a lesson from Reddit and produce an “Ask Me Anything” podcast. You may respond to inquiries as a professional or author or talk about anything else relevant to your area of expertise.

You might also consider this for your list of good podcast segment ideas.


Do you want to establish better habits? It turns out that many people wish to do the same. So, start a podcast where you and your listeners may go on a journey together as you form new habits.

Alternative living

There are several different forms of alternative living to explore. For example, you might broadcast your show on what it means to be a minimalist, a van dweller, or a WWOOFer.

Bad bosses

Many of us have had terrible bosses, but at least they make for compelling yarns, don’t they? Many people can relate to having a horrible boss, so you won’t have any trouble attracting listeners or telling your tale.

A day in the life

We’re used to hearing broad, indefinite answers about how great individuals achieved their success, but wouldn’t it be fascinating to know their life stories?

Follow the day of those who have it all figured out, from beginning to end, to offer readers additional motivation.


Do you want to make a movie, an event, a destination, an artist, or anything else the center of attention? Choose something incredible that isn’t widely recognized or gaining popularity and go deep into details. There are infinite podcast episode ideas in this section.


More and more individuals are participating in E-commerce. Learn how shop owners started their businesses, what tools they use, and tips and more from inside sources, and share it on your podcast.


There are a lot of popular misconceptions out there; check these subjects, such as history, science, nutrition, and so on, to debunk popular beliefs.

News podcast

There are numerous news podcasts on the market, but there are several alternatives. For example, you may solely focus on environmental news or only cover good news.

Another alternative is to ask your guest a question and then respond. You might also give it a go with podcast segment ideas such as a rapid-fire Q&A to keep things interesting or lighten up the mood.


Finally, why not start a podcast? Again, this is an extremely broad subject, and you already have many experiences.

You could tell people stories on your podcast journey or give podcasting tips. You can also cover podcasting industry news, discuss other podcasts, and interview various podcasters.

How to choose good podcast topics

Choose a field of interest

If you haven’t already done it, it’s high time you choose your podcast topic. Whether it’s music, travel, or art, you need to have expertise in what you choose.

On the other hand, you can know very little about the field of your choice but be passionate about it and eager to learn and share it with your audience.

However, it’s best if your field of interest is not too broad. It will be harder for you to keep it concise and make it interesting for the listener.

Decide who your audience is

When you choose the field, you want to cover in your podcast you want to address it to the right receiver.

Ultimately, your podcast won’t get far without a solid understanding of your target audience and what they want to hear.

If you aren’t already sure who your target audience is, this is a good place to begin.

Knowing your audience is essential for many reasons, but here are some of them:

  1. helps you develop more podcast ideas for episodes,
  2. keeps you from experiencing creative burnout,
  3. stops you from running dry fast.

To determine your target audience, start by asking who you want to reach with your content. Then, you should do your research as thoroughly as you can.

What is your audience’s demographic? What are their struggles, goals, and interests? What do they enjoy doing in their free time? What are their problems and struggles? How can you help them solve it?

These questions can guide you into discovering what your audience might find interesting podcast topics for you to talk about.

Good audience research can go a long way if you want to connect yourself with a wealth of podcast topic ideas.

Try to make your podcast unique

After you’ve researched your audience, you need to find a way to stand out from thousands of existing podcasts. But everyone has something unique to offer. Find out what’s special about you to create genuinely great podcast ideas.

Maybe, you could take a different, new perspective on something or choose a niche that isn’t that popular.

It’s important to make your spin on podcasting, so your podcast will stand out from the crowd. 

Choose podcast name

Your podcast name is what describes your podcast topic. It should be concise and descriptive enough so that people would know exactly what to expect.

Your podcast name should be no longer than four words. You can use “podcast” in your name; however, it can be redundant.

You should choose a name that perfectly aligns with your content and is intriguing.

Additionally, you should ensure your podcast name is not already taken by somebody else.

Keep the Podcast Episode Ideas Coming

Search Reddit & Quora

Users can post questions and answers on Reddit and Quora, which are network sites with discussion forums based on the interests of their members.

These platforms are an excellent method for podcasters to get into the thoughts of their audience to generate new ideas and solutions.

You can also search to find similar subreddits and see what sorts of questions people have about it, as you may with any other topic.

Forums are popular among people interested in the subject, making them excellent resources for getting down to business with nitty-gritty inquiries and underutilized subjects.

As a bonus, you may promote your podcast (in the form of an answer) if you have an episode that answers a question. So in the process, you could get some new listeners!

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a library of over 3 billion daily Google searches that have been distilled into one big data pot—and it’s a goldmine of episode suggestions for podcasters.

The tool gathers information from search engines such as Google and collects every word and question that people ask about almost any subject. For example, let’s assume you’ve created a podcast on entrepreneurship and plan to cover the basics of getting started. Simply type “entrepreneurship” into the search bar (it’s usually best to limit your search to one or two words).

The site categorizes your topic into questions relating to the subject, comparisons that may help you bring in other related issues, and even a list of common searches for each letter of the alphabet (i.e., “entrepreneurship books,” “entrepreneurship courses,” etc.).

The Public provides non-paying clients with one free search per day, and the good news is that’s more than enough for podcasters. The first time you search for any given subject, it generates hundreds of possibilities.

If you want more searches and more information about other pro features, consider upgrading to the Pro plan for $99/month (and canceling any time). Of course, this isn’t required for most podcasters, but it’s still a viable alternative.

Alphabetize the list

In our view, Answer the Public is the finest approach to obtaining an alphabetized list of searches on your topic. But what if you don’t like the platform, feel restricted by the once-a-day search limit, or simply want to conduct your own research? You may utilize the “Google the Alphabet” approach to get similar facts—with a little more legwork.

This is how to do it. First, open Google and search for your podcast’s topic. For example, you might type “entrepreneurship for” or “entrepreneurship.”

After that, put the first letter of your search term to let Autocomplete perform its function. Other possibilities spring to mind when you type in “a,” allowing you to see what people are looking for in your content.

Then, type in “b,” and keep going down the alphabet until you have enough ideas. You may return later to edit your phrase or question to get more suggestions or a different perspective on the subject, and this can usually get you very far.

Again, Answer the Public does this for you automatically, but it’s good to understand how to do it yourself.

Ask on social media

It’s much easier to conduct polls and Q&As and stay in touch with your audience’s issues and questions now that social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have made it possible.

If you’re not already familiar with it, take a picture or film in your stories and add the “poll” symbol to your message. For example, you may ask questions such as “What information do you want more of?” and “What’s something you want to know but are concerned about asking?”

You can also run a Q&A in which your audience may ask you questions. Running social media Q&As is an excellent technique to get content suggestions with minimal effort.

Ask your audience

Who is the best person to ask what you should make your podcast episode about? Your audience, of course!

If you don’t have a substantial social media following yet, you may ask your podcast audience.

The key to growing your business is to connect more with the people who care about what you’re offering, which means finding a way for them to listen and engage with your company. The easiest method to do so? Podcasting! Effective podcasting allows you to reach out directly without an intermediary. It’s also a great way to interact.

Using a tool like Survey Monkey, you may post a survey in your show notes to receive input from your audience. Then, you may publish the survey in your show, and if the viewers complete it, you may provide them with a reward, such as a free e-book, guide, or cheat sheet.

Nothing beats getting feedback from your target audience for future content ideas.

You can ask them in the comments on a podcast platform, social media or add a post to your Facebook group.

Join Facebook groups (or create one)

Facebook groups are a great place for investigating podcast topics. You can see what people are interested in and what are the hot topics in your niche. You can see who already covered the topics and where is the room for improvement and add your point of view.

If you already have a large enough audience, you should consider creating your own Facebook group. It’s a great way to keep podcast topics coming to you. Also, you create a community around your podcast, and if you created a podcast for content marketing purposes, it also creates a community around your product.


Choosing a podcast topic isn’t easy. However, it can be helpful to use various techniques to find inspiration for your next podcast episode.

Whether you turn to social media, polls, or surveys, it’s important to get feedback from your listeners and research your topic inside and out.

By using various methods to choose your topics, you’ll keep things interesting not only for yourself but also for your audience.

Have you ever struggled to come up with a podcast topic? What methods have you found to be helpful in the past? Let us know in the comments below!


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