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Podcast Names – How To Choose a Podcast Name?

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Do you want to find a perfect podcast name, but you don’t want to choose from many generic podcast names out there?

The name of a podcast is usually the first clue as to who you are and what your program is about.

For that reason, the name of your show should be descriptive and inventive, enticing potential listeners to sample your newest programs.

Furthermore, in order for future listeners to discover your podcast, it must include several technical elements.

If you are not sure where to start, we present you with tips for choosing a clever name that reflects your personality and your podcast topic.

We are here to help you find your catchy podcast name!

Why is finding a good podcast name important?

Your title is what differentiates you from other podcasts. It can seem like the most crucial decision you’ll ever make.

Podcasts are now a part of the digital media world. The speed with which a podcast can be found via keyword searches influences audience growth.

The SEO value of a podcast’s name refers to whether it will show up as a result of a user’s search.

When a podcast is searched for, the title and author fields are used by certain podcast directories to determine whether your show is relevant.

If you include the keywords potential listeners will use when looking for information about your topic, your show will be more visible in these results.

Also, if you come up with a descriptive podcast name, it will be easier for your prospective listeners to find you on Apple Podcasts or wherever else they’re looking for audio content.

Your podcast name can enable potential listeners to find your show, and it’s crucial to your audience’s growth.

Every successful show should have a dedicated podcast website and social media accounts that are attached to the podcast’s name. It can become a bigger part of content marketing strategy.

Tips for finding podcast names

Below we listed the essential tips for finding the best podcast titles:

Make sure a podcast name isn’t taken

Technically, more than one podcast can have the same name.

If a podcast doesn’t have a trademark on its name in the United States, there’s no reason another podcast couldn’t be called the same thing.

So don’t assume that your new podcast will be rejected if you submit one with the same name as an existing one.

Of course, if you pick the name of another podcast, there’s a good chance that any legal ramifications will be avoided.

If the prior podcast has a registered trademark on the name, or it’s clear that you’re starting your podcast to spoof or perplex the original show’s audience, any court would be unlikely to enforce a name change.

However, it’s best to choose a name that isn’t already out there. Your new audience should be able to find your show when they search for your podcast title in a podcast directory.

You’ll avoid unneeded marketing confusion and minimize potential legal difficulties by setting yourself up for long-term success.

Your name must be unique. It’s never a good idea to use the same name as another show.

If you find a podcast name that already exists, contact the show host to see if the show is still active.

If they no longer produce episodes, perhaps they’d be willing to get rid of their podcast, so you may use the name. They may also want to sell it to you.

Consider your target audience

Is there a specific group you want to target with your podcast? Maybe it’s a specific age group or true crime fanatics?

You should make sure whatever name you choose will resonate with your listeners. You probably already have a good idea of your audience persona.

Consider what your audience would expect to see as the title of their new favorite podcast show.

Keeping your audience in mind when designing the show name will help you produce a show name that engages and connects with them.

Choose a shorter podcast title

Sometimes it’s best to be straightforward and direct. Name your show simply what it is so that your audience knows exactly what you’re talking about.

The following are just a few examples of memorable podcast names that get right to the point and are easy on the mind: Football Weekly, Making Beyonce, and The Property Podcast.

They also do better in searches because they contain keywords that a potential listener would search for.

When naming a podcast, one of the most significant aspects to consider is how to describe the tone, content, and personality of your show. It’s not the right time to be vague or elaborate for no reason.

Avoid any names that are irrelevant to the subject and would be confusing to your target audience, and will require additional explanation to convey your concept.

While you should choose a descriptive name, it doesn’t mean those names need to belong. Some experts recommend keeping text to four words or less than 30 characters.

Actually, according to Dan Misener of Pacific Content, 75% of all podcast titles are 29 characters or fewer.

So that means you’ll need to be succinct and descriptive with your title, which is a challenge in a limited amount of words.

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Make a podcast name easy to remember

It’s also tough to understate the significance of creating a memorable podcast title.

If your potential audience’s friends ask for podcast suggestions, it’ll be difficult for them to recall your program properly if the title is “Morphology and the Hypothesis of Lexical Integrity.” Is it the most catchy phrase? It’s doubtful.

Even if it accurately reflects your podcast in terms of language, it’s not the most popular expression.

You should consider how your title will spread by word of mouth. Remember: use simple words and short phrases, to create a catchy podcast name.

Describe your podcast topic

Your podcast title should describe what your show is about.

While poetic or mysterious names can seem appealing to you, your podcast name should align with the podcast description.

The more accurate your podcast title is, the easier it will be for your prospective audience to find you on the podcast platform.

So before you start brainstorming podcast name ideas, make sure you know exactly what topic your podcast will cover.

You can probably already specify which type of podcast you’ll be making. So, start with a list of keywords to incorporate in your podcast name ideas.

Also, think about a specific angle will which your podcast approaches its larger topic. It will help you come up with more creative podcast names.

Is there a more narrow category you could use to characterize your episode topics if you’re starting a health and fitness podcast? Perhaps you enjoy outdoor adventure sports like rock climbing.

Alternatively, maybe your interests lie in mindfulness, meditation, and holistic health, like Holistic Health Radio’s Sarah King.

Within a few broad categories, there are numerous angles to select from. Before you choose a podcast name, it’s crucial to identify your precise niche. If you don’t choose it, your show will miss the chance to be named with an accurately descriptive title.

Incorporate play on words

Some of the great podcast names are the ones that use puns or plays-on-words in their title.

When someone is browsing through hundreds of other shows, they can assist you make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

A podcast The Moth, isn’t about insects, for example. Its goal is to promote storytelling art and craft and to recognize and celebrate the human experience’s diversity and universality.

The name 99% Invisible implies that the show focuses on all of the thought that goes into things we don’t think about. It’s difficult to understand based on its name.

While a clever podcast name will attract attention, you must be cautious. It’s possible that listeners won’t be able to comprehend an abstract name. This might lead them to immediately disregard your show, especially if the clever name has nothing to do with your field of study or specialty.

When naming your podcast, test out your witty name by telling it to a friend and seeing whether they recognize the meaning. If they can’t decipher your topic even if they see your cover, go for something more specific.


Reflect the tone of your podcast

The best approach to separate your podcast from the competition is to incorporate your personality into the name. To express the right tone, use descriptive phrases, punctuation, and even typos to attract the attention of the potential audience.

For example, on 888-Barbara, host Barbara Corcoran answers life, relationship, and business questions. Here catchy podcast name refers to the phone number you can call to ask for advice. That’s a fantastic strategy to bring her character and promote her program.

Consider SEO when creating a podcast name.

Search engine optimization is an important part of growing your podcast audience.

While you want your podcast title (and episode titles) to be innovative and appealing, try to keep it balanced. Include relevant keywords as well as highlight what the program is about.

While you’re trying to keep your title brief, you can use a subtitle to pack in keywords. For example, if your program is called “That’s What She Said,” you might want to add “The Office Superfan Podcast” to help people find it in Google searches and on Apple Podcasts/iTunes or Spotify.

Use your brand name

If you or your company already has an audience before starting a podcast, it’s usually easiest to use the brand’s own name. This will help people link your podcast with an existing brand.

For example, The Tim Ferris Show or The Joe Rogan Experience leverage the popularity of their creators. The podcast names don’t tell you much about the show, but if you like the host, you will probably like their podcast, too.

Take a look at how many podcasts in the New & Noteworthy section include brand names from prior shows as part of their podcast name.

Use a podcast name generator.

If you’re stumped for a name and can’t think of anything, consider using a podcast name generator to get some ideas. Simply input a few keywords, and the tool will present hundreds of options. If you’re lucky you may find the perfect name. Or at least, a podcast name generator can point you in the right direction.

Below we listed podcast name generators where every resource is free, and most of them ask some questions about the target audience to craft better suggestions.

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Free podcast name generators

For podcast name inspiration, here are some useful free podcast name generators:

  • Biz Name Wiz
  • Kopywriting Kourse
  • Crowdspring
  • Squad Help
  • Name Mesh
  • BNG Podcast Name Generator 

Podcast names mistakes to avoid

The name is hard to spell

As mentioned before, word-of-mouth recommendations are a big part of the organic growth of an audience. That’s why it’s important to think about how your listeners will refer to your podcast.

Be cautious whether the name is difficult to spell, uses uncommon abbreviations, or homonyms.

You should make it as simple as possible for someone to find out about your podcast and record it later on.

You don’t want anyone to have unnecessary questions that will impact how easy it will be for the new listener to ultimately find your show.

Using “podcast” in the name

Including a word “podcast” in your name is almost always redundant. And in most cases, it’s unnecessary.

If a potential listener discovers your show on iTunes or a podcast app, they already know you create podcasts.

Also, the word “podcast” isn’t descriptive much. In a podcast name, it’s best to use words that describe your show and reflects your personality.

For example, instead of The Social Media Marketing Podcast, you might go with The Social Media Marketing Deep-Dive or Social Media Marketing Hackers.

Keyword stuffing

We stated before that it’s important for a new podcast to have relevant keywords included in its name. While it might be tempting to maximize your efforts by filling your title with keywords, it’s not advisable.

Adding extra terms to your podcast name (called keyword stuffing) won’t get you very far. Apple Podcasts penalize such practices.

Daniel J. Lewis, the host of The Audacity to Podcast, discusses how his own podcast was dinged and how to avoid making the same mistake in this video lesson.

Grammar mistakes

While it could cross your mind to put intentional typo to create a clever podcast name, you have to be careful.

You don’t want to distract or turn off potential audience members by using irritating grammar mistakes, such as ‘Their’ instead of ‘there’ vs. ‘they’re’ or ‘Then’ instead of ‘Than.’

Mistakes and typos that are obvious to the naked eye might detract from the professionalism of your podcast and reduce its longevity.

It can, however, be a great name idea for a comedy podcast. Adding a typo as a pun can be a great way to make your podcast title memorable and give it a comedic flair.

The name of this podcast is a play on a popular phrase, and it’s easy to recall. But note that the title isn’t difficult to spell in any way.

It’s important to keep in mind that some punny choices can be difficult to spell in a search bar. Word plays such as “eggcellent” or “tearable” might be more trouble than they’re worth.

When you’re coming up with your official podcast name, be cautious not to make any obvious grammatical errors—especially before ordering your podcast cover art design.

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Not checking the social handles and domain availability.

Avoid the headache of having to build out your show’s branding only to discover you can’t secure the domain name because it is already taken.

You can check for the availability of a name using Namecheckr or Instant Domain Search. Make sure the name isn’t already trademarked by googling it, entering it into every podcast directory that comes up, and double-checking.

Create a podcast name you’ll love

Don’t forget that whatever podcast name you choose will be with you for a long time.

Of course, podcast rebranding is doable; however, it’s best to start with a name you intend to keep.

Make sure your chosen title is something you enjoy. Repeat it out loud to yourself several times.

Does it roll off the tongue nicely? You don’t want to get tired of introducing yourself and mentioning your podcast’s name at the start of each episode, so keep that in mind.

If you don’t absolutely love it, maybe that’s a sign that you haven’t found the perfect show title yet!


Coming up with a great name for your podcast can be tough. It needs to be memorable, concise, and representative of your show’s content.

Avoid common naming mistakes like using ambiguous words that are difficult to spell or including “podcast” in the title.

Make sure to check the social handles and domain availability before settling on a final name for your show.

What are some of your favorite podcast names? Let us know in the comments below!


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