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Podcast Directories -How to Submit Your Podcast

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If you are serious about starting a podcast or have already recorded some content, you should be aware of podcast directories.

If you want podcast listeners to find you easily and share your show, a podcast directory is a place where they can do that.

Today’s article walks you through all the podcast directories you should submit to your podcast. We also provide you with tips on publishing your show step by step.

What is a podcast directory?

A podcast directory is one approach to discovering and consuming podcasts for listeners. Directories are often sorted alphabetically or by subject to help you find new shows.

According to Chartable, Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the most popular podcast directories.

For a podcaster, a podcast directory is a website that allows them to submit their shows so that people may discover them.

After a podcaster records and edits the show, they upload it to a podcast host of choice. Then, if they are submitted a show’s RSS feed (RSS-Really Simple Syndication) to various podcast directories. A podcast will then be automatically updated with the latest episodes. 

There are specialized mobile podcast apps, PC-only websites, and hybrids of both. They all help in the distribution of podcasts to a wider audience.

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How to publish a podcast?

The first thing you will need to do is submit your show’s RSS link to podcast directories. 

The RSS feed link for your podcast depends on the hosting platform it’s hosted on. Therefore, before submitting your show to any directory, you’ll need to obtain a unique RSS feed URL from your podcast host and keep it handy.

Submitting your show’s RSS feed to a podcast directory is a one-time process; after that, the directory will automatically update with each new episode. We’ll go through this in greater depth below and how to submit your RSS feed to different podcast directories.

The most popular podcast directories

Ideally, you want to be listed on as many podcast directories as possible. However, we know this isn’t possible.

Especially when you are starting your podcasting journey, it can feel overwhelming to register your podcast on every possible directory. That’s why we listed the top podcast directories you should focus on.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts launched in 2005, originating from iTunes. However, it has become a standalone product due to the growing podcast popularity.

Apple Podcasts is probably the most popular podcast app. Because it is one of the most popular podcast directories globally, with 28 million monthly listeners, it should be your top priority.

Actually, several smaller podcast directories pull their content from Apple Podcasts. You’ll miss a massive audience if your podcast isn’t registered here. Moreover, if your podcast isn’t on Apple Podcasts, you won’t be taken seriously as a professional podcaster.

It is one of the most important podcast directories to list a podcast with. Some people go so far as to claim that if you aren’t on Apple Podcasts, you aren’t producing podcasts. It’s a big deal.


Spotify is rapidly becoming a top podcast directory. It’s expected to overtake Apple with 28.2 million monthly listeners.

The popular music app has invested heavily in its podcast directory in the last few years. Spotify bought Anchor in 2018 and Gimlet Media in 2019 to demonstrate its expansion into the podcasting industry.

As one of the two most important podcast directories, Spotify and Apple Podcasts should be at the center of your attention.

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Google Podcasts

Apple Podcasts may be popular. However, we shouldn’t forget about Android users. They often come to the Google Podcasts platform to find their favorite podcast episodes.

Compared to other top podcast directories, Google Podcasts has had 50 million downloads since its inception in 2020, which isn’t quite up to Apple’s or Spotify’s standards, but it’s still a great accomplishment.

Google Play Music is no longer available, so Google Podcasts has become Google’s main source for podcast material. It’s a free directory that crawls the internet to gather collective podcast material. You should claim your podcast to ensure it appears in the podcast search engine, even if the bots do it automatically.

To publish a podcast on Google Podcasts, you have to go to the Google PubSubHubbub Hub. Paste your RSS feed URL, and click Publish. Then navigate to Google Podcasts Manager and submit your RSS feed URL. Finally, verify your email with the code you received and click Submit


TuneIn is the world’s largest audio content platform, with 75 million monthly active listeners.

The site’s main function is as an internet radio streaming service. However, TuneIn also has podcasts, making it a popular choice for people who want to listen to everything they need to know about sports, news, and other talk radio programming in one place.

Also, TuneIn is compatible with Alexa, making it an excellent method for your listeners to discover and listen to your podcast using their smart speakers.

IHeart Radio

You may know this internet radio station for its music, but it’s also well-known for podcasts, especially among older audiences. The platform has more than 128 million subscribers as of 2019.

IHeartRadio is available on hundreds of devices, including smart speakers, smartphones, and wearables. It’s a fantastic method to discover new podcasts since the software shows personal picks and top charts for several content categories.

Amazon Music and Audible

Despite being better known for its audiobook collection, Amazon’s Audible is branching into the podcasting market. As a result, its current listener count of 41.8 million is anticipated to rise considerably shortly.

If you’re seeking to create a podcast that Alexa-enabled gadgets can play, it’s smart to submit your podcast RSS feed to Amazon Music and Audible.


Stitcher is another popular podcast listening software, particularly popular on Android devices. It has been downloaded over 12 million times.

Stitcher’s appeal is undeniable, and it’s no surprise that it has a large following among podcast listeners.

It also works with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in any car. Connect your podcast to Stitcher if your show’s audience is likely to listen while driving.


Podchaser is a popular podcast directory with 500,000 monthly active users. Podchaser is often called the “IMDb of podcasts” because it is a crowd-sourced database similar to IMDb (the Internet Movie Database).

Podchaser is a free streaming app where listeners can rate, review, and help each other find podcasts according to individual interests. 

The information in Podchaser’s database includes things like a profile page for each podcast, curated podcast lists, ratings, and reviews. You can even see the user activity feeds that foster interaction between listeners, podcast creators, and brands. 

Podchaser has the potential to help you expand your current audience and bring in new people with similar interests.

podcast directories

More podcast directories

Next, you should consider submitting your RSS feed to as many smaller directories as you can when you submit your show to all of the top directories.

This is the same for each directory; simply go to the site and follow the instructions to copy and paste your RSS feed URL into the appropriate field.

Some sites demand you to create a profile before viewing, while others have extremely specific criteria for the types of shows they accept. Make sure you’re following the provided directions for each directory.

Other podcast apps you want to be listed on

  • Podcast Index
  • Podcast Addict
  • Pocket Casts
  • Spreaker
  • Podcast Republic
  • Castbox
  • The Podcast App
  • Acast
  • Deezer
  • AnyPod

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How can you distribute your podcast?

Podcast distribution is an important part of creating audio content. So apart from getting listed on top podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, you want to invest in promoting your podcast.

It takes more than simply submitting your RSS feed to the appropriate places and waiting for your listenership to develop to successfully market your podcast. If you want your podcast to be discovered by as many people as possible, consider finding new ways to distribute it.


YouTube is not technically a podcast directory. However, it is one of the biggest platforms for audio content. That’s why your podcast content should also be available on YouTube.

It’s important to note that YouTube distribution of podcasts is not the same as starting a YouTube channel.

If you want to have your episodes appear on all major podcast directories, you’ll need to start a podcast conventionally first.

Then, when you’ve completed the first eight steps of your YouTube strategy, you may go a step further and upload each newest episode to YouTube as part of your marketing strategy.


Making sure to promote your podcast and make it as visible as possible on social media sites is critical for gaining maximum attention.

You can promote your show on Facebook in the following ways:

  • Create a Facebook fan page
  • Live stream selected episodes to social media (and publish the session to your regular RSS feed)
  • Set up Facebook Ads for your podcast
  • Create a Facebook Group for your listener community 


Podcast directories are a great way to get your podcast in front of more people. You can submit your podcast to as many directories as you want, and there are also other places you can promote your podcast, like YouTube and Facebook. Make sure to follow the submission instructions for each directory, and be creative with how you promote your podcast so that more people can discover and enjoy your content.


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