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How To Write a Podcast Description?

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There are thousands of podcasts to choose from, so how can you stack the deck in your favor so that they pick yours? One of the most crucial aspects is having a compelling podcast description.

Creating a blurb for a book is similar to creating a show summary or description. You want to entice potential listeners to try your program and sell it. We’ll learn how to do just that in this post.

What is a podcast description?

Podcast description is what you can find in a directory when browsing through the shows. When you click on the program that interests you, you’ll see the podcast title page where you can read a podcast description.

The podcast description is sometimes confused with show notes, which are the text that subtitles each podcast episode.

podcast description

Why is podcast description essential?

A podcast description serves many purposes. It informs potential listeners, encourages them, and contextualizes the content. Whatever you wish to include in your podcast description is permissible, such as the types of subjects you discuss, who your target audience is, and what your entire show is about.

Other podcast hosting services use podcast descriptions since they may be discovered through searches. Take Spotify, for example, which is one of the most popular podcast directories (with Apple Podcasts being the first), and uses podcast descriptions for searches. 

Aside from selecting a suitable name for your podcast, you should consider putting descriptive titles on each episode. This will help you get in front of potential listeners and read your podcast description.

In the survey conducted by The Podcast Host, participants were asked how they discovered new shows, followed by various parts of a podcast.

They were asked to score each out of ten, with ten being essential and zero being unimportant at all The podcast’s description was well ahead of the competition by a long shot.

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Where to write a podcast description?

Your podcast description is written inside your podcast host – a platform where you place a podcast.

This will be done before a podcaster submits their program to the listening directories, where people may find and subscribe to it.

Unfortunately, many people will generate their podcast description as an afterthought only because they’ve come across a large blank text box.

They must write anything in there in order to continue producing the podcast. However, uploading their artwork and the first episode appear to be the most important tasks. That isn’t accurate.

The good news is that you can modify your show summary. For example, changing something in your media host will generally appear in all podcast directories within around 24 hours.

How to write a podcast description?

Think about it like the back cover of a book you’ve just purchased or considering purchasing.

If you’re not much of a reader, you can look at the information on the back of a video game box. Or the description of a show on Netflix you’re considering for your next binge.

It will be beneficial to examine what all these things have in common and evaluate their structure. For example, are there any recurring themes, structures, or tones?

Take a look at some of the podcast descriptions from your favorite listening app. Because most podcasts don’t go through a similar publishing procedure to books, TV shows, or video games, the results may be more hit or miss.

Here are some things to think about while creating your podcast summary.

What to include in your podcast description?

The target audience

In your podcast description, talk to your target audience directly. Let them know this is the podcast they’ve been looking for.

People who can relate to the statement you included in your description will feel as if you’ve created this program, especially for them. Well, those who don’t agree aren’t your target audience.

The value

Is there something you can teach them? Will you assist them in resolving an issue or adversity? Will you be inspiring, encouraging, or motivational to them? Maybe you’ll be willing to entertain them and make them laugh, or possibly they’ll ask if they can stay at your home and hang out?

Whatever your podcast will provide, explain it to them ahead of time.

The host

You don’t need to be famous to host a successful podcast. Most listeners don’t care if they’ve never heard of you.

If you’re creating a podcast for someone else, it’s unnecessary. You may simply want to include a bio or branding statement. However, you must still inform listeners who they will hear from. So, devote a few lines to yourself.

It’s wonderful if you’re an expert. But, if not, let them know that you’re a beginner and that the show will help you learn more about your topic. The goal of this program will be for the presenter and listener to learn alongside one another in this scenario.

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Tips for creating great podcast description

Introduce the podcast host

As we stated above, the introduction of the host is key for a great podcast description. It’s a method for your potential followers to feel engaged and trust you. In some respects, it aids in the development of credibility while providing a feeling of connection with your listeners.

If you or your co-hosts are well-known, having your name and other personalities in the podcast description might benefit you. This data may help listeners feel like they are about to listen to someone they know.

Be direct

A podcast description should contain detailed information about your program. You should also offer the audience a hint of what they may anticipate from your podcast episode.

A good podcast description should describe what your program is about, why people should listen to it, and when it will be published.

Answer a question

A question-based beginning to your podcast description might be a successful approach to attract new listeners. You may then address that issue subtly that does not reveal too much. Make as many uses of questions as you can.

Use related keywords

It’s critical to utilize the correct keywords when creating a podcast description. The potential audience will have a clearer idea of what they’re looking for if you use precise and correct keywords. In addition, it’s beneficial to employ exact and appropriate keywords since it would limit the audience’s search.

Consider what your potential audience may want to hear, and include it in your podcast description for an ideal search.

Avoid clickbait

You should not entice your listeners with material that does not appear in your show, no matter how much you want to be creative with your podcast description. It will develop a high suspicion, ensuring that your podcast program is prematurely terminated.

Clickbait, for example, scare tactics, exaggerated claims, deception, and other false information should all be avoided. Listeners may tune in but then tune out if they find out they’ve been misled by clickbait.

Add call-to-action

The last stage in a podcast description should be a call to action. But instead, it’s just one word that entices listeners to play your podcast.

It might be as straightforward as, say, “Check back on x date for more episodes,” or tune in to the program to discover more about today’s episode, and so on.

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How long should a podcast description be?

There is no one-size-fits-all podcast description length. As long as it is necessary to convey the information, it may be as long as possible.

However, you should try to be as concise as possible while still including all pertinent information.

Our media hosting buddies at Captivate have a 4000-character limit in this category. To be honest, you’d need a compelling reason to go past that.

No one may read your long podcast summary because you wrote it for yourself.

Here are some excellent podcast descriptions from a few highly successful shows. The longest one, which is only 600 characters long, says a lot.

podcast description

Great Podcast Description Examples

Below we present podcast examples with impeccable descriptions:

  • Royally Obsessed
  • How I Built It With How I Built This with Guz Raz
  • MOOD With Lauren Elizabeth
  • Ten Percent Happier


A well-crafted podcast description can decide between a listener clicking play or moving on to the next show. It’s important to take your time and consider all of the factors that go into a great description. Utilize questions, keywords, and accurate information to reel in potential listeners. Most importantly, make sure your call to action is effective!


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