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How To Use Pinterest For SEO?

Pinterest is the latest craze that has everyone running towards their Pinterest page. Pinterest has been called ‘the next big thing,’ and it’s no secret why. It is an excellent site for business promotion and exposure, especially for SEO purposes.

Is Pinterest good for SEO? 

For businesses, it can be. Pinterest is said to increase brand awareness, and Pinterest accounts with a large follower number tend to have a more significant consumer influence on other Pinterest users.

So many business people are coming up with their Pinterest strategy every day because they want to get as much exposure out of Pinterest as possible. The question is, how?

The way I see it, Pinterest strategies can be categorized into three main branches:

Promote your content or products on Pinterest by pinning them on your Pinterest boards; 

The most effective way to do this would be through Pinterest scheduler services like Tailwind. That allows you to share multiple pins overtime not to overload your Pinterest account and Pinterest page.

Promote Pinterest on your own Pinterest boards;

If you are using Pinterest scheduler services like Tailwind to share your pin content, it would be a good idea to promote Pinterest or Pinterest itself on your Pinterest boards to visit the site.

That is another effective way of getting more followers for your Pinterest account and driving traffic back to your website from Pinterest. Like content pins, promoting Pinterest and a specific board, e.g., “Our Mission,” etc., can also be done through scheduled pings in Tailwind.

Promote other people’s products/content on your own Pinterest boards;

This method involves pinging other Pinterest boards on your own Pinterest Pinterest account. You can do this by selecting Pinterest players from around the web and pinning them to your Pinterest boards.

This method works very well for getting people’s attention to your Pinterest boards through curiosity or just by luck; however, you have no control over how often they will visit your Pinterest page. That is done more as entertainment than a strategy that will drive traffic back to your website because, at some point, people will get bored looking at pins if they aren’t directly interested in what you want to promote.

If you do not yet have a Pinterest account, there are a few things to keep in mind before activating one:

1. Effort Is Necessery

You will need to be willing to spend some time on Pinterest even if you don’t want to use Pinterest as your main social media outlet! Unless, of course, Pinterest replaces all other forms of social media outlets (which I highly doubt). Think about Pinterest like Twitter – yes, you can put out updates every few hours but expect people to follow you. Be willing to have Pinterest be a side project if you want your Pinterest page to have some substance.

2. Use Your Time Wisely

You should use Pinterest as a way to plan or organize content for future blog posts or just ideas in general for your business. Pinterest is great when it comes down to managing and saving photos that people can use as visual representations of the content found on the web otherwise. For example, suppose you are starting up an online store about portable gas grills. In that case, Pinterest could be a great place to save pictures of ones already built and other ways they may be used/displayed outside of being used as a grill (like at parties, picnics, etc.) so that potential customers can get a sense of your online store’s offerings before actually purchasing anything.

3. Use Pinterest For Your Advantage

Pinterest is the best place to have a profile that reflects who you are and what you’re all about. That gets people interested in Pinterest, which means they are on Pinterest often (at least I know that I am). So if Pinterest is your primary social media outlet, people will start following you there! Again, like Twitter, Pinterest has minimal space, but it should still be used as an outlet for spreading info about yourself or your business.

4.  Pinterest Helps SEO!

Many sites use Pinterest as a reference for backlinks because apparently, people tend to pin things they like/want to share. So Pinterest makes your blog pinnable (which people will pin from).

In addition, having a Pinterest account allows you to capture your customers’ ids so they can follow you online elsewhere. That is important because it connects Pinterest with other social media accounts.

On Pinterest, users usually have one username but can link their profiles with different social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus. So, for example, if user XYZ has a Pinterest page and a Facebook page, then people who follow them on both sites will be able to see Pinterest pinnings on Facebook Pinterest people will be able to see updates and other Pinterest pages by following the user on his/her linked in accounts.

How to make money from Pinterest?

You can set up an affiliate program through Pinterest so that if someone clicks on one of your links and buys something, making a commission off of whatever they purchased will benefit both Pinterest and yourself. Pinterest is still relatively new to the SEO world, but it has already shown some results where Pinterest can be an effective tool for your business.

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How to Use Pinterest For SEO?

You should start by pinning content that will eventually become future blog posts!

Pinterest is great because you can pin tons of relevant images/videos and see what people click on or repin in return based on their behavior (on Pinterest This)

About what would work best for Pinterest as far as visuals go – if the content you are posting is too detailed, people will probably not pin it. If the blog post sounds interesting without seeing the pictures, then the chances are good that they will pin it after reading it.

Pinterest is a very visual social network so make sure to include many pictures and other visuals to captivate Pinterest, which can lead to more Pinterest people being interested in what you’re promoting (be it on your Pinterest page or blog).

You should be willing and able to update your Pinterest with relevant information about you or what you do for work –

If he is not something that interests you, then I don’t suggest having an account. That means if you are going to use Pinterest as part of SEO, then make sure to share things with people who will find them interesting or valuable. For example:

If someone follows me, they may want tips on how they can Pinterest better, so I make sure to include Pinterest SEO tips in pinnings as much as possible.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for customer satisfaction!

Pinterest users are often more inclined to buy from someone they’ve already had experience with or have purchased from before because Pinterest ads allow users to see how well others like your products (if people have bought and used the product that you’re pinning, then chances are good they will also think it’s helpful/good).

You can prove this by having pictures of actual customers who have purchased your product or service doing whatever activity they do best (which could be using your equipment if you run some blog/website).

If done correctly, this can help Pinterest seo give your business credibility, and Pinterest followers need to see the people you’ve helped Pinterest get that impression.

Add Pinterest to your blog, youtube, or any other sites where you already have a following;

That way, Pinterest will be able to direct more traffic towards those pages. Depending on what you pin there, more people will get interested in reading about it or look into buying/using whatever service/product it may be.

That is important because if someone finds something interesting on Pinterest, they can easily follow back through google search (which links directly to the site) or even add it as an icon next to their blog’s name right on Pinterest.

If you are starting, Pinterest will help people get to know you and how you work!

Pinterest can also be an effective tool for updates because people can follow your page/profile and see what you’re working on or even asking you questions. If people have questions about a sure thing, they can also search for the answer, which may lead them back to whatever page of yours they found it on.

Don’t pin random things that don’t relate to what you are doing.

Pinterest is known for having users into the DIY culture, so if you don’t follow any DIY projects, then chances are good nobody else will either (unless it’s something unrelated like making food).

You never want your followers to have Pinterest find something they’re interested in but unable to because it’s pinned on Pinterest your site.

Don’t pin too often!

Often, if people see an account with a whole bunch of stuff on Pinterest from the same source, then chances are good that they won’t want to follow you or even give your content/company a chance.

If you do decide to pin more than once per day, make sure that it is things people will be interested in following so that way you don’t end up annoying them and losing followers (which is what happens when people get sick of seeing the same person over and over again).

8Make sure others can see whatever Pinterest they pin!

Pinterest prevents people from having to personalize their pins, but this means that if someone else can search for the same thing you pinned, they will be able to find it without knowing your username.

That can be bad if you have something private/sensitive pinned or don’t want people finding out what your real interests are; in cases like these, try and block any unwanted people/websites from seeing whatever it may be. If done correctly, only real Pinterest users will see whatever it may be, so no one else will ever know about it except those who follow you.

Take time to learn how Pinterest works.

Even though Pinterest is an easy use -to-go site, many features may take you some time to learn how to use Pinterest effectively. Before jumping into actually using all the features on your account, make sure you know about them first.

There are also many tutorials online, such as this one from Pinterest, that will help show you what can be done and how it works/what it’s used for (which is crucial if you want to get the most out of your account).

Learning new things may also give you fresh ideas for whatever content it may be related to, so if I were going to write a tutorial about making pasta on my recipe blog, I would also try pinning pictures of Pinterest this too.


That is a simple but very effective way to pin things that will help Pinterest users find your page/profile regardless of how much traffic you get or even if you’re starting. It can be used for anything – business, personal projects, etc. Make sure you experiment with what it may do before deciding to use it; there are many hidden features on Pinterest easier that can often make life and increase productivity.

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