10 Proven Ways to Gain Marketing Experience Quickly

Are you looking for ways to gain marketing experience quickly? Then this article has got you covered. We’ll discuss 10 proven strategies to help you jumpstart your knowledge and skills in the world of marketing so that you can hit the ground running.

From utilizing available online tools and resources, to getting hands-on experience by assisting professionals in the field, this article covers a wide range of topics to have you up and running in no time.

So, let’s dive right in and get started on knowing how to gain marketing experience quickly!

Start with Entry-Level Positions

The marketing industry is full of opportunities for experienced professionals, but it can be difficult for newcomers to break into the field. Hanna Taylor is one such individual who is looking for ways to gain immediate experience in the marketing industry quickly.

When starting a marketing career, it’s important to understand the scope of the job market and the essential skills needed to become successful in the field. This covers both broad topics like SEO practice, website analytics, content writing skills, and social media postings to more detailed and technical aspects of digital marketing, like data analysis and graphic design. Prospective employers often search job boards, websites, and digital portfolios to find qualified candidates with relevant professional experience.

For those new to the marketing industry, gaining the necessary experience can pose a challenge. Building a portfolio or gaining work experience may require understanding skills beyond basic marketing knowledge and practice, such as creative abilities and analytical thinking. Furthermore, applying to entry-level positions is no guarantee of employment – landing an ideal job requires some understanding of the job market, where popular online job board platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed and Handshake are the go-to job boards.

Those eager to learn may discover that even entry-level positions in digital marketing projects can provide an opportunity to learn valuable skills needed for a future dream job. As a digital marketer, one is expected to take part in daily tasks, such as creating and managing campaigns, analyzing data and monitor performance, to name a few examples. Additionally, there are no formal educational prerequisites required to enter the field, and individuals can gain the knowledge through free resources, such as online courses and internships, as well all from observing marketing experts at work.

By taking the plunge and beginning with entry-level marketing jobs, Hanna Taylor can easily gain experiential learning about the marketing world, build a substantial digital portfolio and increase her chances of success when applying for higher-level marketing positions. Lastly, entry-level roles also give valuable exposure to the job market, presenting an opportunity to establish professional relationships and hone her technical skills with proper guidance from a decent mentor. Above all, these early experiences in entry level marketing roles help to solidify insights, build transferable skills, diversify one’s skillset and gain valuable connections.

Professional experience is perhaps the greatest factor when looking for a fulfilling career path in marketing, and starting with entry-level positions is often the best way to obtain it. By leveraging various tools, such as freelancing sites and real-world marketing projects, Hanna Taylor can quickly broaden her portfolio, widen her knowledge and communicate her marketing efforts to potential employers. Gaining the necessary experience might be a tough journey initially, but in the end it will surely be worth it.

Take Classes

For those looking to break into the marketing industry, it is important to understand what opportunities are available and how to stand out from other applicants. Digital marketing offers a wide range of entry-level positions that can help build up skills and knowledge in the field. To gain an edge over other candidates, one should consider taking classes or courses related to digital marketing as well as researching current trends in the industry.

When applying for jobs, employers look for individuals with experience in areas such as content creation, SEO optimization, social media management, analytics tracking and more. It is also beneficial to have qualifications such as a degree or certification in digital marketing or related fields. Taking classes can provide valuable insight into these topics and give applicants an advantage when competing against others for positions.

In addition to formal education, there are many resources online that offer free tutorials on various aspects of digital marketing including web design, copywriting and analytics tools. These resources can be used by anyone looking to gain starter experience without having any prior knowledge of the subject matter. Additionally, networking events are great ways for people outside of the industry to meet professionals who may be able to provide advice on how best to enter the job market or even offer internships or mentorship programs that could lead directly into employment opportunities down the line.

Gaining knowledge about digital marketing is key when starting a career in this field; however it’s equally important not only know what you’re doing but also why you’re doing it so you can make informed decisions based on data rather than guesswork alone. With dedication and hard work combined with proper training and research anyone has potential become successful within this ever-evolving sector of business operations!


Volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience in the ever-growing world of marketing. It helps those interested in marketing with boosting their connection to the business world, and fashioning them credentials that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain. Furthermore, volunteering often offers real world experience that can help set them apart from other applicants in their chosen profession.

At home, there are many ways to gain valuable marketing experience and build up a resume – writing marketing content; creating a blog and monetizing it; mapping out a digital marketing strategy; graphic design; etc. Alternatively, one can volunteer for businesses in their area and take on tasks such as SEO optimisation of websites and social media campaigns. Similarly, some freelance marketing work (sometimes unpaid) can be undertaken to truly understand the marketing industry and accumulate the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful marketer. Working with multiple clients over a period of time can help build credibility in this field. Additionally, networking with fellow freelancers can yield useful results and help in increasing their chances of landing more gigs later on.

Another great way to put together extensive portfolio of relevant work experience is working for a digital marketing agency. It not only gives someone insight into how the industry works, but also allows them to learn about the different roles involved, such as web development, content marketing, and marketing analytics too. Non-profit organisations often provide excellent opportunities for gaining experience in marketing, especially if the organisation regards the classic three Cs: customers, company, and competition. This type of selfless volunteer work provides immense benefits in the long run, such as potential job offers even before you graduate.

For those who want to further their own professional experience, freelancing is highly recommended. Freelance marketing offers faster growth opportunities than a full-time job and allows people to work with various clients. Moreover, taking on multiple internships during college looks extremely attractive on resume, and highlights the type of volunteer opportunities offered by organisations. Such projects can range from building a website to developing customised marketing plans.

Volunteering is an excellent way to get hands-on experience in the marketing world. It can be a valuable addition to your resume and help you stand out from the crowd. It helps showcase skill sets and build up one’s reputation on several freelancing sites. Those who invest their time and resources in volunteering now are sure to reap the benefits in the future.


Networking is essential for success in marketing, as it allows professionals to build relationships and gain access to resources that can help them reach their goals. Through online platforms such as social media, networking is made easier than ever before. Finding a mentor provides guidance on strategies and tools that can be used for marketing purposes, while offering digital marketing services to people you know can supplement existing skills. LinkedIn offers features that allow users to widen their network and connect with potential contacts who may have valuable resources or knowledge.

Having a large network of contacts has many advantages; it opens up the possibility of new opportunities through collaborations or referrals from those within your circle. Learning how to make the most out of these connections by gaining knowledge and experience is key for any marketer looking to increase their worth in the industry. Participating in various campaigns or using different types of marketing tools are also great ways to become a source of creative inspiration for others in the field.

In conclusion, networking plays an important role in achieving success within the world of marketing due its ability to provide access to resources, mentorships, collaborations, and more. By taking advantage of digital platforms like social media and LinkedIn as well as participating in campaigns or utilizing different types of tools, marketers will be able to increase their value while inspiring creativity among peers at the same time.

Create Opportunities

Gaining marketing experience quickly can be done by taking the initiative to create opportunities. One way of learning how to market products and services is through online selling. Understanding various ecommerce marketing strategies is an essential part of running a successful online store, which all sellers should know. Freelancing is another great way to get marketing experience, since it offers freedom and flexibility while still gaining valuable skills that can help with applying for future marketing jobs.

Non-profit volunteering is also a great approach to gain employment at businesses while learning more about the marketing world. Through networking and building relationships with people in marketing roles, you can ask questions and find out what is expected of someone in that field. This is important when aiming to stand out amongst other applicants.

You can focus on side projects such as creating graphics, writing for a blog or creating your own graphics to add to a portfolio. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your creativity when looking for a job. There are free tools available which help with design and content creation, enabling marketers to create real world experiences that showcase their marketing skills and knowledge.

For those interested in working in a specialized area of marketing, internships are ideal for diving into the marketing world and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from experts. Doing an internship also shows employers that you’re committed to this profession and are willing to learn even more. Additionally, it’s important to ask for assistance when updating your resume, so that you can make sure your personal brand accurately reflects your talents.

Building up a comprehensive set of marketing skills, knowledge and experience is not only possible but can be done quickly. With dedication and creativity, the right resources and initiatives taken towards personal growth, it is very possible to really start your marketing career by building a promising marketing career.

Use Free Online Tools

Gaining professional marketing experience does not always require a paid position. Nowadays, there are many free and low-cost resources available for digital marketers to hone their skills and explore the industry. These tools can help anyone grow their knowledge, build their digital marketing portfolio, and use their newfound marketing expertise to kickstart their career in the marketing world.

Using online sources like YouTube videos, blog writing, social media accounts, and websites to create content is an incredibly sensible way to gain marketing knowledge that has real value. Many streaming sites allow users to learn more about specific topics in marketing as well as see how skills are applied in the real world. Additionally, utilizing services such as Semrush, Google Analytics, and WordPress can all be consumed at no cost and provide valuable insight into website management, performance, analytics, and campaign optimization.

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of any marketing job. Leveraging graphic design tools, such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Gimp, can help develop stunning visuals that help push personal branding and generate more traction on social media platforms as well as other third-party networks. Furthermore, creating and maintaining blogs demonstrate excellent storytelling skills, marketing acumen, and a solid understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). For entry level roles or even freelance marketers, crafting high-quality articles, graphics, and videos can put someone ahead of the competition and demonstrate a range of valuable marketing skills.

Finally, having an online store or a next ad campaign is a great way to gain valuable experience outside of what is typically seen in real world experiences. Utilizing freelancing sites, such as Upwork and Fiverr, on top of leveraging student discounts from certain software can help build confidence and prove competency in both creative solutions and analytical problems. By taking advantage of free tools available, it’s possible for marketers to stand out amongst other applicants with the same educational background and training.

Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators are essential for businesses to stay connected with their customers and build relationships. As an entry-level professional, it is important to be proficient in marketing techniques and strategies. For beginners looking to gain experience, there are a variety of options available such as creating their own business profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram, freelancing, building a blog or developing a personal brand.

Taking classes and joining an internship program can help you quickly learn the necessary skills needed for success in this field. Freelance projects and side projects can also give you the opportunity to stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs. Internships provide starters with hands-on experience that allows them to apply marketing tools and strategies they have learned in class while gaining valuable industry knowledge at the same time.

In conclusion, internships offer a great mix of theory and practice that gives students the knowledge required to break into the industry with confidence. With dedication and hard work, anyone can become successful in this field by taking advantage of all the resources available online today!

Get an Internship

Internships are the perfect way for students and people changing careers to gain invaluable experience in the world of marketing. Internships typically require applicants to have a basic understanding of marketing principles and tools, a resume or portfolio that outlines their skills, and a bit of determination to be successful.

An intern’s job can range from helping to execute digital marketing campaigns to creating content for social media accounts. In any case, no amount of research or study can fully prepare someone for what it is like to work in this type of professional setting. An internship provides sharpening of essential marketing skills as well as actual experience on real world projects. This is valuable to individuals who want to pursue a career as a digital marketer.

A great way to get started with a marketing internship is to start forming relationships while in college. It may even be possible to find real marketing projects through online freelancing sites like Fiverr or UpWork, where some degree of professional guidance can be found. Even if the client isn’t willing to pay, the experience gained could prove invaluable. Having a decent mentor who knows the industry and is willing to guide an intern through their project is a huge bonus.

Another excellent opportunity for securing a marketing internship is Sky Accelerator’s free program for unemployed female graduates. The goal of the program is to equip them with the necessary industry-focused knowledge and practical experience required to jumpstart their marketing career. Social media management, content creation, blogging and email campaigning are just a few of the topics covered by the program’s extensive curriculum.

Lastly, HubSpot’s annual Summer Marketing Internship has been running for several years now. It provides participants with an intensive crash course on digital marketing strategies, personal branding, and practical hands-on experience working with experts in their field. All participants receive valuable connections within the marketing world and mentor support throughout the internship which enhances their overall learning experience.

In conclusion, internships are a great way to gain necessary skills and real-world experience without ever having to leave the safety of your own home. From learning about digital marketing to getting hands-on content creation and design experience, an unpaid marketing internship is an underutilized resource that new marketers should take full advantage of. It provides an enriched environment to acquire valuable skills and make meaningful connections that could open doors of opportunity in the future.

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Ask for Help

In an effort to gain the right skill set and enhance your chances of landing a job in the marketing field, you can always seek assistance. Asking for help when starting a job search is never a bad idea. By reaching out to the necessary networks or people who have experience in the industry, you can make valuable connections, demonstrate your worth and increase your chances of being offered the job you desire. One of the most common ways to add value early on is offering digital marketing services to friends and family. The more tasks you do, the more practice you acquire and subsequently, the more confidence in your abilities. Taking on side projects at college or getting involved in clubs, where similar topics are discussed by likeminded individuals, can also provide much-needed exposure and better understanding of the current job market. Having a decent mentor is also vital, as this experienced professional can be invaluable in teaching you all the essential skills for excelling in the working environment. For instance, gaining proficiency in social media marketing as well as other digital marketing skills will be highly valuable for landing any job position.

Another effective way of grabbing hiring manager’s attention is through personalizing the CV according to the role and the company the person is applying to. You should also gather feedback from reliable sources who could point out the strengths and weaknesses of your document and offer constructive tips to build it up successfully. Additionally, creating content such as your own blog, posts or shifting into freelance writing (if applicable) will serve as proof that you possess the right marketing knowledge and hopefully give a clear and convincing message to potential employers. Developing a portfolio website also provides great opportunities to showcase your work and stand out amongst competitors.

Furthermore, you should always try to draw attention to successes and numbers on your resume. Explaining the services rendered and emphasizing understandings or achievements while volunteering or freelancing will undoubtedly show the interviewer your commitment and determination. Highlighting the ways you were able to improve organizations and the results of your efforts will prove that you are more than capable for the job.

All in all, real digital marketing experience is imperative for growing your career. With the guidance of professionals in the industry, requests for assistance and customizing CVs to the job description, you can take your first steps towards a successful and fulfilling marketing career. Consider asking for help as one of the crucial steps for achieving desired goals and gaining access to the marketing position you want.

Build Your Resume

Creating a professional and attractive resume is essential when looking to pursue a marketing role. A resume should include your education, experience, skills and a professional photograph. Furthermore, it needs to showcase any successes that are-quantifiable thereby demonstrating your capabilities on the job.

For example, if you have undertaken real-world marketing campaigns, they can be noted on the resume as relevant work experience. You should also highlight any strengths and accomplishments, numbers, data and achievements on your resume. Customising your CV to suit the company or position you are applying for is recommended. This will ensure you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. Therefore, having a mentor in the marketing industry who can guide you and help hone your skills will be of great advantage.

Apart from creating a resume, having a digital portfolio website showcasing your projects can be beneficial. When crafting your resume, remember to draw attention to successes with persuasive narratives focusing on the impact rather than simply listing facts. Finally, market yourself to the potential employer by highlighting any awards, recognitions or collaborations with other marketing professionals. An up-to-date resume is key to getting hired in a competitive job market. Investing time and effort into your resume provides you the best chance to land the perfect entry level marketing role.


Gaining marketing experience quickly requires initiative and commitment, however with the right skills and knowledge, it is an attainable goal. Whilst starting in entry-level positions and taking classes are both typical solutions, alternative routes such as creating opportunities for yourself, using free online tools and becoming a social media coordinator offer effective alternative paths to success in the sector.

Furthermore, by participating in internships, getting help from others, and building one’s resume, one can be well on their way to achieving their ambitions as a freelance marketer themselves. Developing the right combination of marketing experiences enables more efficient job searches and greater consideration within the competitive field of marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does marketing experience mean?

Experiential Marketing is a strategic marketing technique that aims to create a highly memorable, engaging and personalised customer experience which ultimately leads to increased brand loyalty and purchase intention.
Marketing experience is the act of creating meaningful and immersive interactions between your brand and customers in order to form strong emotional connections. Through this form of engagement, customers are more likely to remember products, services and even the company itself.

How do you show marketing experience?

To gain marketing experience, consider internships, volunteering, freelance work and creating mock campaigns. Take online courses and market yourself online, and don’t forget to start a blog or website to demonstrate your expertise.
Additionally, joining Sky Accelerator can help increase your skills and experience in the field of marketing.

What are marketing skills?

Marketing skills involve the ability to communicate and connect with customers, identify customer needs, come up with creative solutions to solve those needs, analyze metrics and performance data, and implement successful advertising and marketing campaigns.
Whether it’s a simple email campaign or a complex strategy, marketing professionals must be able to assess the goals of the small business side, identify their target market, and create solutions that bring in leads and conversions.

What are 5 examples of marketing?

Five common examples of marketing strategies include social media marketing, advertising, branding, customer relations, and public relations. Social media marketing involves creating content on various channels to promote a brand’s message and attract customers.
Advertising includes placing an ad in a magazine or television spot to publicize the product. Branding is centered on creating an identity for the product and associated messages. Customer relations involve creating loyal customers with effective customer service and support.
Finally, public relations involves engaging with the media and other influencers to build awareness for the product.

How can i gain experience in marketing?

Gaining marketing experience can be accomplished by taking an online digital marketing course, creating mock campaigns, google ads, getting a marketing internship, offering marketing services to friends and family, joining Sky Accelerator and building a website portfolio.
Additionally, start a business, market yourself online, and practice by making content like blogs, social, network online media and emails.

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