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How To End A Podcast? Ultimate Guide To Podcast Outro

how to end a podcast

If you don’t know how to end a podcast episode, we will help you!

You want to make your podcast ending interesting, but you don’t want to leave listeners in suspense.

It’s important to keep your audience hooked on your show and offer them a cause to subscribe. Therefore, the outro should be brief but effective in making an impression.

In today’s article, we give you tips and tricks on making the best podcast outro possible.

What is a podcast outro, and how does it work?

On podcasts, things function differently than they do in traditional media. Instead of using a typical outro like television or radio, most individuals select one that looks similar to the one below.

It has everything else, but it is positioned ahead of the following segment instead of being at the bottom.

The benefits of a podcast outro include:

  1. It’s important to get listeners interested from the start. If they encounter your intro too soon after beginning to listen, they may not be able to absorb everything you’re saying. You may better retain what you’ve learned by delaying the introduction until near the program’s conclusion.
  2. Your podcast description builds interest for future topics. Listeners who haven’t yet tuned in will be eager to hear more from your announcement. This is especially useful when it comes to new goods or features.
  3. A good outro also allows you to promote upcoming episodes. A strong outro allows you to preview forthcoming segments and encourages listeners to subscribe. Plus, it gives you the option of inviting guests to the performance.
  4. It sets the stage for each episode. Listeners must combine information from a variety of sources without an outro. The outro, which summarizes what was previously covered and what has yet to be addressed, should be used. This helps to maintain the flow from one episode to the next.
  5. A great podcast ending encourages people to like you better. People enjoy feeling informed and heard. You give significant insight into complicated issues by delivering clear explanations and summaries.

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What about prerecorded podcast intros and outros?

Prerecorded intros or outros are found in some podcasts. They might be made by an actor, recorded by a crew of voice professionals, or commissioned by voice artists.

Prerecorded material can add a personal touch and are often as concise and informative as feasible. However, listeners will soon grow tired of a 3-minute clip at the start of a program.

If you’re following our tips to create podcast intros and outros, strive for 30 seconds or less.

podcast outro

What Makes a Good Podcast Outro?

The last minute or two of your episode is used to make a long-term memory in your listener’s mind.

If the podcast’s conclusion is less than ideal, you may have done a fantastic job with the introduction and body, but it could make all the difference between getting a new listener to sign up or not.

The outro’s purpose is to thank the listener for listening and direct them to any key information found in the episode.

You can also ask for something in return here. If someone made it to the end, they’re probably pleased with your episode.

They may be ready to respond to your request for something like a rating or review.

Elements of a great podcast outro

There are no restrictions, but if you want to conclude your episode successfully, think about the following:

Podcast outro music

Your podcast outro can be interesting and entertaining. If you want to improve your outro, you can add some sound effects.

Music for your podcast’s outro may help connect with your audience and give your outro some character. Remember that the music and sound effects you utilize are one of the most effective methods to establish your brand identity.

It also makes it easy for your listeners to identify with it since they may listen.

There are a variety of audio effects available to use in your outros. You could, for example, play a short clip of someone speaking or record yourself making something amusing.

You can also add a song or looped audio file. There are several websites where you can find podcast intro music for your show.

podcast outro

Thanks for listening

Even though hundreds of thousands of podcasts are out there, your listeners have chosen to listen to your show. So it’s important to thank your audience for tuning in to your particular episode.

Make it personal and heartfelt so that your listeners would feel encouraged to check out your other episodes.

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Point them to the show notes

Make sure to mention your show notes where you include details regarding your podcast episodes. Make sure to put links to everything that was mentioned in this episode.

Offer them a teaser

You don’t have to wait until your next episode to notify your listeners about new ones. You may also tease your listeners by including teases in the outros of your episodes.

A teaser is a short sample of material that allows your audience to get a taste of what’s to come in your next episode. Teasers can be as modest as one sentence or as long as several paragraphs long.

Thank your guests and sponsors

If your episode included a sponsor message, make sure to mention it once again at the end of the podcast. Don’t make it as long as before, where you introduced the sponsor, but briefly thank them for supporting your show.

Also, make sure to thank your guests for appearing on your podcast. Tell your audience where to find them by, for example, mentioning their website.

Send them to your website

Make sure to send them to your website, and be sure to include all the important links there.

When you have links to all of this on your site, there’s no reason to read out your email address, Instagram handle, Patreon page, or Facebook fan page.

It just causes confusion and makes your podcast outro longer than necessary.

It should be sufficient to tell them where they can find your website and the latest episode.

Include a Call to Action

Encourage listeners to do something for you at the end of an episode. That’s what a Call to Action is for.

It’s best to limit yourself to one CTA per episode. If you give someone too much to do, there’s a high probability that they won’t accomplish anything. Choose one and be straightforward about it. You can ask your listener to:

  • Subscribe to your podcast
  • Share the podcast
  • Rate and review in the podcast directory
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Download your ebook
  • Buy tickets for your event
  • Support you on Patreon
podcast outro

Where to buy great podcast outros

If you’re looking to have professional podcast intros and outros produced, here are a couple of our favorite options.

Here are some options:

  • Music Radio Creative has been the long-standing audio branding consultant for the medium. Despite their long and successful list of clients, their fees are almost certainly less than you think.
  • Fiverr is a big freelancing marketplace. On there, you’ll be able to get podcast intros and outros created in various styles. Some solely focus on recording the voice-over you require, while others will also mix and produce your audio for you.

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Podcast ending final tips

An outro does not always follow a rigid structure. However, there are certain things you should avoid. Here are three common mistakes:

  • Don’t repeat yourself. A compelling outro makes sense on its own. Avoid restating previous points in your conclusion. Instead, concentrate on bringing fresh ideas to the table, addressing concerns raised by prior material, advertising future shows, and summarizing important points.
  • Keep your message to a few lines, but don’t be skimpy with anything. Maintain a concise yet complete statement. Unless you intend to go through the topic in detail, don’t say, “I’ll tell you more about X,” or “I’ll send you some additional information.” When possible, provide links to more sources.
  • Overdoing it is never a good idea. Too much repetition might be perceived as forced or insincere. Try to achieve the appropriate balance between brevity and information.


Podcasting is a great way to connect with your audience and share content. To end your podcast episode effectively, consider using music, sound effects, and humor.

You can also use this opportunity to ask for something in return from your listeners. Thanks for reading!


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