This copywriter’s guide will help you determine all the steps involved and how long it takes to become a copywriter. People often ask me, “How long does it take to become a freelance copywriter?” Before I answer that question, I would like to provide more context. If you’re interested in copywriting journey, keep reading!

This copywriter’s guide will help you determine all the steps involved and how long it takes to become a copywriter. 

But first, let me answer one question Is copywriting hard to learn? 

To copywriting newbies, copywriting can be very hard to learn. However, copywriters who have practiced copywriting for years can do it in their sleep literally! 


Because great copywriters don’t just know about copywriting. They also master marketing psychology. So if you want to become a professional copywriter that gets hired by top companies such as Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Disney, Microsoft, you want to master copywriting, copywriting psychology, and copywriter copy skills to ultimately get hired by your clients as their copywriter.

1) Choosing Your Niche In The Copywriting Industry

The first thing you need to do when learning about copywriting is deciding what copywriting niche you want to write about. For example, would you be interested in copywriting for finance? Or copywriting for weight loss products? The copywriting industry is a big one, and you should choose a niche that you are either very interested in or passionate about.

2) Finding A Course To Learn Copywriting Online

Now that you’ve chosen your copywriting niche, the next step is finding an online copywriting course on copywriting. There are many copywriter courses available online. You can browse through them and find one that considers your needs and budget (prices range from free to hundreds of dollars). 

3) Learning The Skills Necessary For Copywriting

When your copywriter course is finished, the next step is learning the copywriting skills necessary to start writing daily. You do this by practicing what you learn in your copywriter courses and copywriting tutorials. This can take time, but most copywriters begin to see results within 2-3 months of practice. Becoming a great copywriter requires dedication, hard work, and technique!

4) Learning Copywriting Templates, Strategies, and Techniques

Once you’ve learned copywriting skills such as copywriting templates, copywriter strategies, and copywriter techniques – it’s time to put into practice what you’ve learned. 

5) Finding More Clients

After a few months of copywriting for clients (you need to be dedicated), you will probably start having copywriting jobs coming in from your online copywriter portfolio. This is where the real hard work takes place; learning how to pick up copywriting jobs through networking or online websites like Fiverr. As a copywriter, I started off writing copies for only $50 per copywriting project – and I’m okay with that because copywriting experience is priceless. 

6) Learning More Copywriting Strategies

Once you have copywriting jobs coming in, it’s time to focus on one thing, growth! If you want your copywriting business to grow, you need to practice more copywriter strategies, such as writing a blog or guest posting on an authority website. Many copywriter strategies are available; this being said, copywriter strategy is vital for any copywriter’s business success.   

 7) Mastering The Art Of Copywriting

The above steps outline how to learn copywriting online, learning copywriting templates, copywriting strategies, and copywriter techniques. Copywriting is a skill that is learned through practice and dedication. In other words, if you decide copywriting is your career – it’s always good to know that copywriters work very hard.  

8) Writing Copy For Your Own Website Or Blog

Most copywriters who become successful write copy for more than one website or blog (your own included). This means doing what all copywriters do best: writing compelling sales copy for these websites or blogs! If this step can seem overwhelming, here are some absolutely essential things to keep in mind:

1) Once you’ve written hot-selling copy for your website/blog and have gotten traffic coming in, then it’s time to start about copywriting for copywriters and freelance copywriters. 
2) Adding copywriting to your website or blog post increases your credibility as a copywriter. 
3) Writing copy about copywriting will help you learn more skills, templates, and strategies unique to copywriting!

9) Learning How To Be A Freelance Copywriter

Freelance copywriters and copywriters are always in need of good copy – so if you love writing copy already, why not offer it to them? If they like what you’ve written for them, there’s a good chance that they’ll ask you to register for other clients (freelance or in-house).

10) Contributing To Newsletters And Marketing Collaterals

Contributing copy to newsletters or marketing collaterals is an excellent way copywriters increase their copywriting income. 

11) Doing Freelance Copywriting For Small Businesses Or Large Corporations

Once your writing skills are excellent, and you have at least six months of experience in copywriting under your belt – this is the time that you can start pitching copy for freelance copywriter jobs online or with clients offline. There’s no set rule about how much you should charge as a copywriter, but if you’re charging less than $100 per hour, then it’s probably not worth your time (unless they are repeat clients who’ve been paying you for years). If you’re writing copy for large corporations or small businesses, copywriting copy for copywriters will be challenging.

12) Finding Your Clients And Writing Copy For Them

As soon as you become a good copywriter template, you will surely want to start your own copywriting business. Or maybe not? But if you think about it – most copywriters decide to go out on their own because they love writing copy so much!

14) Getting Credibility As A Top-Notch Copywriter

My copywriting clients know that I’m a copywriter who doesn’t take shortcuts. They also know that I can help them achieve their copy goals based on my experience and track record – this being said, it takes many years to become an authority in copywriting to be hired by the top copywriters as a freelance copywriter or copywriter master. The above step outlines how you can do just that!

15) Writing Copy On Your Own

There are so many ways to make money online these days, if you’re good at copywriting (and you’ve been working on your copywriting skills for months or years), then this step is for you!

16) Building Your copywriting Portfolio

If you want to Copywrite clients to hire you, you need a copywriter portfolio that stands out from the crowd. A copywriter portfolio will allow you to show your copywriting experience, copywriting skills, and copywriting services. Having a copywriter portfolio will also help Copywrite clients see that you’re serious about copywriting and actively improving your copywriting skills.

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