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Evergreen Content – Examples and Guide

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What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is always relevant and always finds an audience. As a result, it can drive traffic over a long time and has a longer shelf life.

It’s not seasonal, and it doesn’t revolve around trends and news articles. Instead, it brings a slow and steady influx of traffic long after being published.

Other characteristics of evergreen content:

  • It keeps bringing results long after it’s published
  • Shows brand authority
  • Boosts SEO over the long period
  • Can increase backlinks to your website
  • It can be repurposed as social media content

Evergreen content can be created for a variety of platforms and formats. For example, you can include it in your blog posts, video content, or podcasts.

Why is evergreen content important?

An effective evergreen content strategy will create consistent website traffic without the pressure of constant content creation.

A busy content creator would want content working for them instead of the other way around.

Writing evergreen content is relatively low-maintenance and works without much input from you.

Creating evergreen content for different formats makes it easy to repurpose. Evergreen content can give you months and years of social media content.

Moreover, creating content that is always informative and relevant can establish you as an authority in your niche.

How to create evergreen content?

There are two types of evergreen content. The first one is the pertinent content, no matter how much time passes and how trends change. The second one is the content that loses relevance and accuracy over time if it’s not updated on the newest data.

The first is always relevant, and the second is only relevant as long as it is edited and kept up to date to reflect technological advances.

A common example of evergreen content can be “How To” Guides. Instructions on “How to sew on a button” probably won’t change over 50 years.

If your post regards the topic of technology, like, for example, “How to Upload Photos From Your iPad to Facebook,” it is different.

This kind of content can remain evergreen if the information is updated to include changes in technology and software.

The world of business, for example, offers the case of Good Greens, which sought to renew the field of nutrition. While food fads come and go, excellent nutrition-related content remains crucial.

Good Greens can keep the product information up-to-date and relevant with nutritional trends by using a blog on the site. In addition, regular blogging helps attract new readers to evergreen content.

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Examples of evergreen content

How to guide

How-to’s are one of the most common evergreen content ideas. People will always need help and guidance, and your content can help them. They are often called a “comprehensive guide” or “ultimate guide.”

A how-to guide can also be an online class that you can promote as an online course.


Checklists are a way of combining information into an actionable list. Creating a checklist enables your audience to get more results from your content.

Case studies

Case studies are a form of content where you talk about your or your customer’s problem and how you can deliver a solution.

Common mistakes

Similar to case studies, there are “common mistakes” posts. However, they combine your audience’s pain points and guide them to better understand their problem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Your audience will always have questions regarding your niche. If you combine them into a post, you connect better with the needs of your audience.

Complete glossary

A glossary is a post where you gather all the terms from your niche that may still be a puzzle to your audience.

How to promote evergreen content?

Evergreen marketing includes creating evergreen content for social media channels or promoting it on social media channels. A brand often performs it as part of a content marketing campaign.

The most important parts of evergreen social marketing are establishing your presence on social media platforms, staying in touch with your audience, engaging and responding to comments.

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and connect with your audience. Also, by sharing evergreen content on social media platforms, your content can be shared more often.

Although social media content must be engaging, keep in mind that every firm has a different target audience. Therefore, it’s vital to concentrate on strategy first and execution second when developing an evergreen social marketing campaign.

When it comes to producing evergreen marketing material, creativity is essential. Even if your company isn’t the most fascinating out there, a little bit of imagination in your content can go a long way. Of course, it’s only natural to stretch the boundaries so people will want to share your postings on social media. So play around!

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Tips on evergreen content

Connect evergreen pieces with a pillar page

Many blogs publish quality evergreen content only to bury it with new blog posts. That’s why it’s important to promote evergreen posts so that they are immediately obvious to new visitors. You can do that by creating a “Start” page or a “Top Posts” section of your blog and having your evergreen content there at all times.

Another helpful tip would be creating a page that highlights and categorizes your evergreen content. Finally, don’t forget about interlinking, as it can positively boost your SEO. It makes your pages look like they have more authority over Google crawlers.

Update evergreen content

You can also use your existing content on your blog to promote older evergreen content pieces. For example, as you perform your regular audit, update your posts on new data and relevant information. You can also add new information and then re-publish the piece.

You can also share the content on your social networks. You can remove the date of the post. It is only important if it is a news article.

Updating the old content can also help rank in search engines. Updating content is called historical optimization, and can it can bring you great SEO results over a long period.

Use different forms of content.

Your blog or website already has evergreen content, and you didn’t realize it. However, it is good to broaden your repertoire of evergreen content ideas.

Here are some excellent examples of evergreen content that should appear on your website:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • “How To” Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Industry Resources
  • Glossaries of Terms and Phrases
  • “History of” Articles

Note that these evergreen content pieces don’t have to be written content. You can create these formats in the form of videos, images, or infographics.

Evergreen content should be crafted so it can deliver traffic to your website or blog over the long term.

To sum up our tips on creating evergreen content, here is the last piece of advice:

  • Connect the content you create to your brand and ask yourself what you want to be known for.
  • Content should appear fresh at all times
  • Make your content emotional, appeal to universal emotions
  • remove the date stamp, as having a date on your article can immediately make it seem as old.

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Evergreen content is ever in demand. From blog posts to videos, evergreen content can be a great asset for your business’ marketing strategy. Bloggers and social media marketers may find it challenging to produce evergreen content because they have no idea what their audience wants or needs at any given time. However, by incorporating these tips into your evergreen content strategy, you can produce material that will drive evergreen traffic to your website or blog for years to come.


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