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Email Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Email marketing mistakes are the worst things that can happen to your email campaigns. Email marketing is considered one of the best online marketing strategies, and a considerable number of small and medium businesses use email Marketing to promote their business and products.

Email campaigns are highly effective in reaching out to your targeted audience through email promotions, email newsletters, email alerts, etc. However, if you make some blunders while designing or sending out email campaigns, it will hurt the overall success rate of your email campaign, such as low click-through rates (CTR), bounce rates, etc. Here we will give you some tips on which marketing mistake to avoid!

You Send Mailings Without The Necessary Consent

The email marketing industry is considered the most regulated industry in email privacy laws and email spam laws. Although email marketing can be a highly effective strategy to reach out to your target audience, it is also essential that you must follow all email privacy and email spam laws so that you don’t end up in trouble. If you fail to obtain proper consent from your customers before sending them emails, it may attract your business’s legal severe situations. So make sure that you have received appropriate opt-ins or permission from your customers before sending any email campaigns.

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You Are Not Differentiated From The Competitors

Competition is one of the critical factors which determine the success of email campaigns. It means if everyone else in your niche is sending email newsletters to their email subscribers, then at least you should make your email newsletter more effective and creative. On the other hand, if the email marketing mistakes of your competition are making people unsubscribe from their email list, then do not repeat the same mistakes because it will harm the overall success rate of your email marketing strategy.

Always Test Before Sending

Always test email campaigns before sending them out. First, send an email campaign to 5% of your email subscribers and check their response rate. If it is not more than 1%, then you must work on an email campaign to increase the email click-through rates because that will help you increase the overall success rate of the email marketing campaign. Next, check whether your email newsletter is reaching a maximum number of targeted subscribers or not? Or Why are some people unsubscribing from your email marketing list? Always answer these questions while conducting email marketing campaigns.

Don’t Be Pushy

Many email marketing campaigns fail simply because email marketers were pushy with their email subscribers. Your email subscribers might love to receive email newsletters from you but make them feel that they should not be forced into opening or reading your email newsletters. If you are forcing them, then it will have a destructive impact on the overall success rate of your email marketing campaigns.

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You Don’t Use Mobile Optimized Email Templates

Make sure that your email newsletter is mobile optimized so that users can easily access your emails through any browser on mobiles and tablets. Responsive designs will help you increase the number of clicks on links inside your email newsletter, improve click-through rates, etc. Also, suppose the layout of the content is not proper in an email newsletter. In that case, it will harm email marketing strategy because email subscribers can respond to you back if email newsletters are not correctly designed, and it may also increase the email bounces rate.

Always Keep Track Of Where All Your Traffic Is Coming From

In most cases, email marketing campaigns provide a considerable number of traffic to your websites but keeping track of this traffic is very important as it helps you know where all your traffic is coming from. If someone who visits your website through email campaigns converts at a higher rate than your main website visitors, then don’t stop sending email campaigns to them because they are performing better for you. Always keep an eye on the overall success rate of email campaigns and try some new tactics to improve the performance of email marketing campaigns.

Don’t you have permission? Don’t send!

If you don’t have permission, your email will end up in spam. Email marketing can help you increase your sales, but it is also a slow process, and if you fail to manage email subscribers or email lists, then email marketing may take a toll on your business reputation. Always make sure that the email Subscribers are giving their permission before sending them email Newsletters; otherwise, it will harm the overall success rate of email marketing campaigns. Do not use any email lists which are gathered from scraped sites because they can break your websites and may also get you into trouble.

Always Send Emails On Time

If you want to engage with people via email marketing, do not send your email newsletter too early or too late because people will not trust you. Email campaigns sent too early or too late can harm email marketing strategy simply because email subscribers do not like to receive emails that are irrelevant to their needs. Instead, your email newsletters should be sent at a specific time, relevant for users, and the best part is email marketing tools have analytics so such email campaigns can be easily tracked.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Email Bounces Rate

Email Bounces always play a vital role in email Marketing Campaigns. It indicates how many email subscribers received an email newsletter from you and how many people are facing problems while receiving your email newsletter. If the number of bounces increases against the overall number of newsletters delivered, then there must be something wrong with your email newsletters and email marketing templates. Email marketing campaigns can help you increase overall email subscribers, but it is always recommended to keep an eye on email bounces and try to reduce them to improve email marketing strategy.

You Are Sending Email Newsletters With Generic Links

Email marketing campaigns contain links that are relevant to email Subscribers; otherwise, they will ignore your email newsletter and never click on links inside email newsletters. Always use email Marketing tools that offer better insight into the performance of email campaigns and guide you step by step to improve email marketing strategies.

Always Track All Statistics of Email Marketing Campaigns

In most cases, people do not pay attention to statistics presented by email marketing tools because they think it is a very time-consuming process but keeping an eye on all statistics helps them improve overall email marketing strategy. If you do not know where all traffic of your website is coming from, then try different tracking methods, including Google Analytics. Email marketing tools that offer real-time statistics and let you create email Campaigns with different email marketing Templates, which can improve email marketing strategies to engage email subscribers and increase overall email marketing performance.

Always Test Deliverability of Emails

Every email address has a unique purpose for sending email newsletters, so always test the deliverability of your email newsletters using any email testing services before making it live. If there are issues related to delivering your email newsletter, then make necessary changes or try different email addresses and see how they perform in terms of delivering your emails on time. Sending bulk email is not allowable by most ISPs because it creates problems with a spam filter, contains irrelevant links, and many other things which can harm email Marketing performance.

Always Use Email Marketing Tools

Make sure that email marketing tools are compatible with your email newsletter and let you create email campaigns quickly because if you take much time in designing email marketing campaigns, then it will slow down the email marketing process. Always try to find customer service in email marketing tools available 24 by 7; otherwise, it becomes quite difficult for customers to contact customer support whenever they face any issues with email marketing campaigns.

Always Promote Your Content, Email Newsletters, and Offers With Offline Methods Too

Email marketing campaigns should be promoted using different online social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube but make sure that you do not enable them only via online methods; instead, use offline strategies as well which include placing banners in different public places, publishing email newsletters in Newspapers, using email marketing templates with email subscribers.

Making Mistakes On Email Marketing Campaigns Remain Secret and Do Not Ask for Advice From Others

Email Marketing campaigns are not appropriately implemented, in most cases, so always ask for advice from your friends or family before launching an email marketing campaign; otherwise, you will lose lots of customers by making the worst email marketing mistakes. Always keep an eye on overall statistics presented by email marketing tools, including email bounces, because if there are issues related to them, then take immediate action against it and try to improve overall email marketing strategy to engage more customers and increase the overall performance of your email newsletter.

After Receiving Your Personalized Email Newsletter, Make Sure that You Do Not Bump Into Email Newsletter Spam

Most of the email marketing tools provide you email marketing analytics, so make sure that you have checked the email newsletter against email marketing laws, and if there are issues related to it, then request an email address from your customer and replace his email address with the new email address provided by him. Also, do not forget to keep an eye on overall statistics presented by email marketing tools, including email bounces; make necessary changes to improve the overall performance of your email newsletter. Finally, always try different methods that can help you improve comprehensive email marketing strategy because follow-up is very important for building long-term relationships with customers.

Promotional Email Template

Most email marketing tools and email service providers provide email packages with email templates, so find an email template that is relevant to your email marketing strategy and create an email marketing campaign efficiently. Always make sure that there are easy to read the text for customers to understand what they want. Also, make sure that you present different Call To Actions in Promotional content because, without any clear call to action, most of the readers will not click on any links included in your email newsletters.

Always Ensure Security With Confirmation Email Template

In most cases, personal information is leaked from companies because confirmations were received or lost from one source but did not forget that confirmation emails should be helpful as well; otherwise, people will continue looking for email Address of email marketing tool and will register email account with email marketing tools which will soon be your competitors. Therefore, always make sure that you have used the confirmation email template provided by email marketing tools because if in case of an email address is leaked, then the email confirmation process will help you in eliminating the email address from the email database within a short period.

Most of the companies use multiple ways to track overall performance related to their email newsletters, including bounce rate, conversion rate, click-through rates, etc., so try different methods available with email tools, including using third party software or services for improving overall email marketing efforts Always make sure that there are easy links included in email newsletter such as contact.


Always keep an eye on overall statistics presented by email marketing tools, including email bounces. If there are issues related to them, then take immediate action against them and try to improve the overall email newsletter strategy to engage more customers and increase performance over time.

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