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Easy Marketing Tactics to Try for Your Business

Marketing is a tricky thing. Sometimes you have to do some serious research before you can start implementing new strategies or tactics, but other times it’s as simple as trying something out and seeing if it works for your business! In this blog post, we will discuss easy marketing tactics that are guaranteed to produce results. No matter what type of business you’re in, these tips will help get the word out about what your company has to offer.

What are Marketing Tactics?

Marketing tactics are specific strategies used to promote your brand. They can include everything from the types of content you publish, how often you post on social media, or even more traditional advertising methods like physical mailers or ads in local newspapers. Marketing isn’t just about getting people’s attention; it’s also about keeping their interest and providing them with value. By implementing the tactics listed below, you’ll be able to appeal to new audiences and get your name out there!

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How do You Develop a Business Growth Strategy?

Companies used to take an educated guess based on their awareness of their audience before using their imaginations to find new marketing strategies. While this model still works, you should not just throw spaghetti at the wall and try every idea that seems to catch your attention. Instead, the best way to develop a new business growth/marketing tactic is to use past experimentation data and recent insights to double-check what works or answer a specific question. 

Difference Between Marketing Strategies vs. Growth Strategies vs. Marketing Tactic

Synonymous terms often describe the terms marketing strategy and growth strategy. But the central difference between the two is that each has its characteristics—use of the term growth strategy and marketing technique.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy refers to your marketing strategy. It helps you determine where to allocate your resources and how to gain a competitive edge. Your targets need to be specific. For example, if an enterprise does not want to boost revenues, how can it do that? Without a precise number to work towards, then you can’t measure it. Your marketing strategy also can decide where you should follow. Depending on your market, you can also choose an extensive mix of offline and online communication channels such as social media and e-commerce.

Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics are relatively small activities that will allow for faster ROI if you use them properly. A “growth tactic” is an active strategy employed to expand the reach of your marketing plan and its effectiveness. The best strategy can be developed through experience, experimentation, market data analysis, and your marketing success. For example, how do I increase landing page conversion in search engines for SEO? When landing pages contain too many links, your visitors will want to click elsewhere on the web.

Business Growth Strategy

Your growth strategy takes place far beyond marketing, but it includes marketing. Marketing defines how to increase and retain new sales and revenue. However, your growth strategy covers all the methods that make your business a success. Is emailing the answers better than reading a FAQ? Even mergers and acquisitions can be incorporated into the business growth strategy. Your growth strategy determines the size of your revenue. The number of employees and teams you have, their diversity, and retention.

What Makes a Marketing Tactic Successful?

A tactical strategy is best if it increases the Return of Investment in the strategic application. They have to earn more of each dollar they spend in marketing to achieve this. In the absence of a steady percentage of eMail subscribers to email newsletters, they have to keep their emails. This tactic generally has a 20% effectiveness rate, and +20% says an expert on Pricewaterhousehousehouse UK. It’s a good idea to send a series of emails. For example, many people don’t keep updated on their subscribers’ emails.

A-List of Marketing Tactics

A list of marketing tactics is a great place to start. However, the best way to figure out which ones work for your business and audience is through experimentation.

#1. Use a call to action that informs them what you want them to do

#2. Optimize your landing page for the keywords people are using in search engines.

#3. Make sure each of your pages has only one purpose, so it’s easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for on your site.

#4. Advertise yourself in places related to your business, such as local events, associations, and conferences.

#5. Measure your results using analytics like Google Analytics or another tracking system that tells you where most traffic comes from when they visit your site.

#6. Keep track of what’s working best for you with a CRM. Set up automatic emails to send out when people subscribe.

#7. Have a clear, easy way for your visitors to contact you because that’s how they will get in touch if they have questions or need more information about what you offer.

#8. Use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Please find the best times of the day so it doesn’t go unnoticed by users who will see your content.

#9. Set KPIs and goals to measure the effectiveness of what you do to improve over time and help you grow as a business.

#10. Get reviews from customers on your website, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

#11. Have an email newsletter to stay in touch with people interested in what you have to offer. Use it as a platform for communicating new products or services that they might be interested in buying.

#12. Be active on LinkedIn. It’s one of the best places to post relevant content, according to a study from HubSpot.

#13. Make it easy for people who have given you their email address so they can quickly find what they’re looking for on your website. Create a series of emails that are sent out over time.

#14. Use Twitter and Facebook in combination with each other because there’s synergy between them. You can use Facebook to drive traffic to your website and then get people’s attention on Twitter.

#15. Use a blogging strategy because it helps you establish yourself as an expert in your industry. It also allows you to connect with your audience over time by providing more information that they want or need about what you do. This will make it easier for them to trust you and buy from you.

#16. Use a CRM as part of your marketing strategy so that it’s easy to measure results, automate emails, and track conversions with one integrated platform.

Additional Content Marketing Tactics

We’ll make it all work, we hope. It’s just a consistent strategy to achieve the desired outcome. Several tools can be used to improve content marketing techniques. First, content marketing campaigns can be quickly promoted by maintaining consistency.

Exercise Transparency and Authenticity

Consumers begin the customer trip guarded and skeptical. People think companies are out there trying to make money; they want to trust the brand names they’re looking for. Transparent content can cross this divide and transform skeptical consumers into loyal customers. First, find out what your target audience is interested in. It may be how you create products, design products for sale, operate your productions or customer services, and even the income figures. What you reveal is unique to your company, but the key is to demonstrate a little humanity to remove the invisible barrier separating you from connecting with a buyer. What types of transparency content have you ever published/published?

Automated Evergreen Webinars

Webinars are an effective lead generation strategy but running live presentations may not apply to most businesses. The benefit of creating evergreen automated webinars is that it requires less ongoing manual work. On the other hand, the sudden change in your industry may make some of the webinar content obsolete. However, the advantages of automated evergreen webinars outweigh the downsides. According to the Guide book, here is an in-depth guide on how to conduct automatic webinar videos or automatable ways to generate leads automatically. Find out further about this guide to lead generation.

Dynamic CTAs

Dynamic CTA increases conversions rates because they are adjusted based on the audience viewing the content, making the offer more personalized. For more information, read this helpful guide on dynamic CTAs. You can customize a lead offer in a website or content assets, and it will remain there until you change it. Sell more visitors to your website with static CTAs.

Additional Email Marketing Tactics

Personalism Automation and customer loyalty are three powerful strategies to optimize your email marketing communications. Below the article outlines some of these strategies to boost your marketing effectiveness.

Automate Referral Campaigns

Set up automated referral programs through automated email with your small business CRM or another tool enabling you to automate your email marketing. We use and value ActiveCampaign. It allows you to use automated workflows which can be tailored to your unique requirements. For example, when a user requests to refer a friend to your company, your program automatically introduces that person to your schedule. What does a typical automatic email referral workflow look like in ActiveCampaign’s data? Your campaign will send in an email based on the behavior on your users’ behaviors. You can send automated emails and identify people who want the referral to a—my friends.

Behavior Targeting

Behaviour Marketing can succeed using a concept called relevance. When you have targeted your prospect with relevant content, you will increase the chances of engaging with it. As a result, companies that use customer behavior analysis outperform peers with 85% growth in sales and 25% gross margin. When you have set up an automated email flow, there are many possibilities to customize your workflow. For example, you can set up this email sequence to see how long it would take to entice a person to complete a form on a website and then not download the offer after three days. See our detailed guide to multiple automated workplace procedures.

Subscriber Specials

Flex jobs website Flexjobs offers subscriber specials in November, celebrating National Flex Day. Subscribers also benefit from exclusive webinar promotions and discount coupons to get 40% off their subscriptions. Create a feeling of specialness for customers with exclusive offers. This kind of customer engagement enhance customers’ retention and encourage prospective customers to get in touch with you. Flexjobs.com also offers special offers for employees and customers only.

Additional Social Marketing Tactics

Social marketing often can feel that the effort has failed, which does not reward you well enough. Instead, you should do these three simple tactics to maximize your online advertising budget and social ROI.

Help first; sell second.

Social media platforms are not necessarily sales-orientated but instead places where targets engage in communicating, watching the news, and addressing your audience. Excessive social media selling has a negative effect when it disrupts the fine line of promotion and non-promotion content. People buy with emotions, not their wallets, and if an online shop creates emotional connections with users, users will buy from your brand simultaneously. It helps a brand (not just its products/services) appear as a solution. So is the true character in customer loyalty. For one, when people ask for tips related to your brand’s offering that should instead be a product recommendation, provide learning that will help the user.

Go Live

Social savvy users are more focused on engagement. They want to be accurate, not just a business trying to grab their money. Live shows are more impromptu and unscripted. As such, it appears more genuine to viewers. They also don’t have to be as professional looking and are often captured using camera phones. Share day-to-day moments of your business that make you understand their interactions with team members, events of all kinds. Share videos by Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to see human-ness and reach your audience.

Repurpose, Reuse and Cross-post Content

It is OK to repost high-quality content on social media channels. However, it also saves time and money on marketing and makes all of our content harder for you. Repurpose this interview as an audio podcast, a blog post, several graphics for social media websites, carousels, and short videos. After some time, repost this content to promote the video interview again. How can you save money through repurposing and reducing content?


If you are happy with what you have read so far, don’t stop there! We know that our blog can be a bit daunting to look through for all of its content. You may want to start by checking out some of the marketing tactics we’ve shared in this post. Or, if it’s better suited, take a peek at one of these posts on social media or SEO best practices. Don’t forget about us either; we’re constantly posting new articles relevant to your business needs – click here and sign up for our newsletter today!

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