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23 Copywriting Skills You Need To Succeed in Digital Marketing

Every brand needs copywriting. A captivating copy can lure curious prospects and attract new customers.

A copywriter has to be a creative professional that invents catchy taglines and informative articles you’ll find describing a product or company.

So what does it take to be a skilled and successful copywriter? In this article, we bring you the list of 25 skills that will make you the copywriter anyone can dream of!

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What Are Copywriting Skills?

Copywriting skills include hard and soft skills that a writer needs to create a successful advertisement.

Copywriting professionals need both exceptional writing and communication skills.

A copywriter has to do thorough research, learn quickly, be able to write, edit and also re-write.

Being flexible and adaptable is also something you want to write copy for a variety of clients.

25 Copywriting Skills Every Copywriter Needs

We described the general characteristics of good copywriting skills. Below, we listed the exact list of skills you might find helpful in copywriting career:

Marketing awareness

A successful copywriter is also a skilled marketer. Understanding who is your audience and what action you want them to take is key in writing good copy.

Strong understanding of the marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is what takes a potential customer from being curious to purchasing.

A well-written marketing funnel uses language that induces a positive response in the customer.

A firm grasp of grammar

This should go without saying but proper grammar and style are key in copywriting.

Grammatical errors make your content seem unclear and sloppy. Even a single typo could disqualify a potential lead.

There are tools such as Grammarly that will help. Still, you should always proofread and double-check.

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Thorough, topical research

Research is absolutely essential. You need to be sure what you’re writing is informed, verified, and relevant to potential customers.

So get in Google to find the best available information on that topic, learn it and make it interesting for your client.

Simplifying complex information

A clear and understandable message is what makes a copy great.

Even if behind the works of a product there are complicated mechanisms you should write straight to the point.

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Writing for different formats

Best copywriters can write compelling copy to any product.

One of the most important principles is creating a need in potential customers.

A strong emotional response is what you need for people to click and purchase.

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Great listening skills

Listening to your customers is essential to selling them the solution for their problems. You have to know exactly what their needs are.

That’s why the research is so important.  When there is no research, your copy will be weak and won’t stand out.

Writing clearly and concisely without losing meaning

Keep it simple. Use short sentences and short paragraphs of text. Avoid using jargon words that may be unclear to the receiver.

The key is not to divert the reader from where they should go. Avoid hard sell, but not to the point your customer forgets the point of your article.

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Creating catchy headlines

Headlines are the essence of digital marketing. If your headline is not compelling no one will click on it.

Once again, you need to know who you’re addressing. It’s helpful to see how the competition titles their articles.

Working knowledge of SEO

Copywriters don’t have to be SEO experts but it definitely helps if you want to breakthrough.

Better SEO is more traffic leads and conversions meaning the more likely success of the copy itself.

If you want to be a successful copywriter it’s definitely worth learning SEO.

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Persuasion skills

Persuasion is another key skill of a copywriter. Convincing your reader to purchase or subscribe is the sole purpose of this job.

Emphasizing the value of the product, showing the features and benefits is how you get conversions.

Making ordinary things sound interesting

Marketing often results in providing boring industry content. You should start by making something simple feel interesting to the customer. That’s what will keep them hooked to your content.

If you create informed, original content the results will be outstanding!

Separating features from benefits

It’s important to keep your message clear and persuasive to inform your client of the features and benefits of the product.

There is a significant difference between features and benefits. Benefits touch on emotional aspects and resonate with viewers whereas features are just facts.


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An eye for detail

Looking for tiny things that will make your writing better is the way to go. Read a lot of competitors’ work and find details that make them great. Try using their tactics to attract more readers!

Knowing when enough is enough

Being thorough and conscientious is important but perfection unreachable. You can always find something to improve, but at some point, you need to decide your work is good enough.

Published imperfect piece of content is always more effective than constant work in progress.

Accepting feedback

Feedback is a great opportunity to learn. Ask your colleagues to proofread your copies and don’t be afraid of criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, what’s important is to learn from them!

Sticking to deadlines

Being on time with your assignments is a must. Take all the time you need for research and interview but don’t be late! 

Creating personas

You probably won’t be writing under your name all the time, so your work can require creating a persona. It is your alias that will seem more believable for potential customers.

A well-created persona will boost your credibility.

Writing with empathy

When addressing your prospects’ needs you have to empathize with them. Imagine their problems and what they might feel struggling with them. Then you can give them a possible and believable solution.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is where the process of writing starts. Ask yourself some questions: why are you writing this piece? What should it inform about?

There’s always a problem and there’s a solution. Your job is to take your reader through the process of coming up with a solution.

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Interpersonal skills

For clients to connect with their customers, the copywriter must have interpersonal skills. Communicating with customers, getting feedback, and understanding others is necessary for writing great copy.

Technical skills

Copywriters with the skills to manage digital marketing campaigns should have diverse technical skills. You should be familiar with tools that will make your work easier and more effective.

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It is important to be able to write about any topic. Because for writing web content, you have to do thorough research before starting your work. The better the content, the more website traffic and sales will increase

Your writing skills are a crucial factor in the success of your business. So take enough time to improve it and do not give up!

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